Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The management team for the NIF & Photon Science Principal Directorate supports the directorate’s key mission areas: Stockpile Stewardship, national security applications, NIF Discovery Science, laser-based directed energy and related laser and optical technologies, and advanced photon technologies.

Jeff Wisoff

Principal Associate Director
NIF & Photon Science

Jeff Atherton

Principal Deputy Principal Associate Director
NIF & Photon Science

Jeff Bude

Deputy Principal Associate Director for Science & Technology
NIF & Photon Science

Huban Gowadia

Deputy Principal Associate Director for Programs
NIF & Photon Science

Lydia Camara

Deputy Principal Associate Director for Operations
NIF & Photon Science

Patricia Koning

Director of Communications
NIF & Photon Science

Tayyab Suratwala

Program Director, Optics and Materials Science & Technology

Paul Wegner

Program Director, Laser S&T and Systems Engineering


Mark Herrmann

Director, National Ignition Facility

Doug Larson

NIF Facility Manager and Chief Engineer, NIF & Photon Science

Bruno Van Wonterghem

Operations Manager
National Ignition Facility

Warren Hsing

Program Director, High Energy Density S&T
National Ignition Facility

Joe Kilkenny

Scientific Diagnostic Leader
National Ignition Facility

Abbas Nikroo

Target Fabrication Program Manager
National Ignition Facility

Kevin Fournier

Director, NIF User Office
National Ignition Facility

DoD Programs

Jay Dawson

Program Director for DoD Technologies
NIF & Photon Science

Jeff Horner

Deputy Program Director
for Engineering
NIF & Photon Science

Advanced Photon Technologies

Constantin Haefner

Program Director for Advanced Photon Technologies
NIF & Photon Science