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December 8, 2022

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Papers & Presentations

Magnetized Targets Boost NIF Implosion Performance

By imbedding a target capsule in a strong magnetic field, inertial confinement fusion researchers have demonstrated a potential path to sustained high-energy-yield NIF implosions. Read more...

Burning Plasma Team Receives Award

NIF Talks Among Highlights at APS-DPP Conference

LLNL was well represented at the 64th American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics meeting, a largely in-person conference.

November 23, 2022

Félicie Albert and Craig Siders

NIF&PS Researchers Elected Optica Fellows

NIF & Photon Science researchers Félicie Albert and Craig Siders have been selected as fellows of Optica (formerly OSA). Read more...

November 17, 2022

LLNL’s Brian Spears (center) holds the HPCwire Editor’s Choice award for Best Use of HPC in Energy with LLNL computer scientists Peer-Timo Bremer (left) and Brian Van Essen

Applying Cognitive Simulation to ICF Wins Award

The high performance computing publication HPCwire’s Best Use of HPC in Energy Award goes to LLNL for applying cognitive simulation methods to inertial confinement fusion research at NIF. Read more...

November 16, 2022

Former NASA astronaut and former LLNL official Tammy Jernigan cuts the ribbon to dedicate ‘Dream Big’ mural

Astronauts Launch Mural with Recipes for Success

Four former NASA astronauts, including NIF’s Jeff Wisoff, dedicated a mural painted in their honor by sharing their life’s experiences, wisdom, and advice. Read more...

Laser Safety Officers Meet at DOE Workshop

Laser Safety Officers Convene for DOE Workshop

A workshop showcased how laser safety regulations such as ones developed at LLNL and NIF are helping to raise the standards at academic-based research facilities. Read more...

November 14, 2022

Artist’s rendition of ions streaming from a NIF hohlraum. Credit: John Jett

Ions Behave Differently in Fusion Reactions

Just published in Nature Physics: LLNL researchers discovered that ions behave differently in fusion reactions than previously expected, thus providing important insights for the future design of a laser–fusion energy source. Read more...

November 8, 2022

Beamline to Ignition Video

Video: ‘The Threshold of Ignition’

In this video, you can follow the journey of NIF’s laser beams as they dramatically increase in energy on their way to the center of the Target Chamber. Read more...

November 7, 2022

Illustration of NIF Beams Entering the Target Chamber

Shot Puts NIF Back on Track Toward Ignition

A record high-laser-energy NIF target shot on Sept. 19 produced about 1.2 million joules of fusion energy yield, putting NIF back on track toward ignition. Read more...

November 2, 2022

Quasar Jet

Black Holes, Astrophysical Plasmas Studied at NIF

NIF experiments are providing a unique opportunity for researchers to study black holes and astrophysical plasmas by creating states of matter at extreme conditions of temperature. Read more...

Caitlin Rowe

Meet Caitlin Rowe, LLNL’s Gold Star Intern

Caitlin Rowe has overcome overwhelming obstacles to excel as a college graduate, as a person, and as a Gold Star intern working on nuclear survivability experiments at NIF. Read more...


Bruce Remington Honored with APS Duvall Award

The American Physical Society honored NIF Discovery Science Program Leader Bruce Remington with the George Duvall Shock Compression Science Award. Read more...

Mark Miller and Peer-Timo Bremer

LLNL-led Papers Win Test of Time Awards

Two LLNL-led teams received awards at the IEEE VIS conference for papers that have lasting relevancy in scientific visualization, including one paper that continues to have potential uses at NIF. Read more...

Physicists Annie Kritcher and Ronnie Shepherd

Two LLNL Scientists Selected as 2022 APS Fellows

Annie Kritcher, who overseas integrated modeling of indirect-drive fusion designs fielded at NIF, and Ronnie Shepherd, High Energy Density Science Center outreach director, were selected as 2022 APS fellows. Read more...

October 26, 2022

Andrew Longman aligns the COMET laser at LLNL’s Jupiter Laser Facility

‘Twisted’ Laser Light Unlocks New Plasma Physics

High Energy Density Science Center postdoc Andrew Longman proposes using high-intensity lasers to generate the electromagnetic vortices recently observed in association with black holes. Read more...

October 13, 2022

LaserNetUS Logo

LaserNetUS Highlights High-Intensity Laser Science

The exciting future of inertial fusion energy, laser science, and high energy density research was highlighted at the recent LaserNetUS Users Meeting. Read more...

An artist’s rendering of 192 high-energy laser beams converging onto a tiny target at NIF

Expanded Capabilities, Opportunities for VBL++ Code

The Virtual Beam Line++ laser simulation code, developed by the NIF & Photon Science and Computing directorates, helps LLNL push the boundaries of laser physics, optics, and photonics. Read more...

Machinist Apprentice Program graduates Kwadwo Kumi-Amankwah, Jorge Dalmau, Sean Ziegler, and Kyle Parsons

Machinists Look Forward to LLNL Careers

Kwadwo Kumi-Amankwah was grateful when he completed an LLNL apprenticeship program on his way to becoming a NIF Target Fabrication senior machinist. “This is something I really want to be.” Read more...

Special Report: 30 Years of Stockpile Stewardship

Phil Pagoria synthesizes a new compound at the Energetic Materials Center, 1997

Keeping the Nuclear Stockpile Safe, Secure, Reliable

Part 1: NIF is the crown jewel of the Stockpile Stewardship Program, providing the only testbed capable of investigating high-energy density physics at regimes relevant to the thermonuclear range of conditions. Read more...

BlueGene/L simulation of turbulent thermonuclear burning in a type Ia supernova

Scientific Discovery for Stockpile Stewardship

Part 2: Stewardship science required developing more powerful high-performance computers and lasers capable of creating the most extreme states of matter on Earth. Read more...

David Heinrichs, Irene Yee, Teresa Bailey, Leslie Positeri, Kim Ferrari, Cynthia Nitta, Omar Hurricane, Rick Kraus and Brad Wallin

People of Stewardship Are the Key to LLNL’s Success

Part 3: All LLNL employees support the stewardship mission in one way or another—in scientific and engineering roles and in many more occupations. Read more...

September 21, 2022

Target Area operations deputy Matt Cohen leads an optics exchange demonstration in the NIF Target Bay

NIF Hosts International Laser Operators Workshop

NIF hosted the 13th International Laser Operations Workshop. Representatives from 11 major laser research facilities discussed recent achievements and how they are improving their systems. Read more...

A cryogenic target used for record-setting inertial fusion experiments at NIF

Burning Plasma Team Receives APS Dawson Award

The research team that achieved a burning plasma state at NIF won the American Physical Society’s John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research. Read more...

Artist’s illustration shows a red dwarf star orbited by a hypothetical exoplanet

Researchers Dive into Interiors of Red Dwarfs

LLNL researchers using NIF are exploring the opacity of hydrogen under the extreme pressures and low temperatures found in the interior of red dwarfs. The research appears in Physics of Plasmas. Read more...

Exotic magnesium structures observed at extreme pressures

Under Pressure: Solid Matter Takes on New Behavior

Just published in Nature Physics: LLNL researchers and a team of international collaborators used six experimental shots at NIF to investigate how solid matter behaves under enormous pressures.

Alison Christopherson

Scientist Wins APS Doctoral Thesis Award

LLNL’s Alison Christopherson earned the American Physical Society’s Marshall Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis award for her work on inertial confinement fusion. Read more...

September 7, 2022


LLNL Laser Technology Wins R&D 100 Award

LLNL researchers and their collaborators developed award-winning high-energy pulse compression gratings that will be used in the world’s highest-power laser system. Read more...


Astronaut Mural Encourages People to ‘Dream Big’

A downtown Livermore mural honors NASA astronauts who have ties to Lawrence Livermore and Sandia national laboratories and the local community. Read more...


LLNL Hosts HBCU Students and Faculty

LLNL hosted a group of students and faculty from Historically Black Colleges and Universities to promote internships, job opportunities, and career paths at the Lab. Read more...

An artist’s rendering of the high-explosives (HE) shot at NIF

A Shot Like No Other

LLNL researchers aligned energetic materials knowledge and HED science expertise with experimental capabilities at NIF to learn more about the first nanoseconds of a chemical reaction. Read more...

Vox-CMAP Video

Video: Giant Laser Can Simulate a Planet’s Core

A video by Vox and the Center for Matter at Atomic Pressures highlights how NIF is helping scientists explore the “secret inner lives of planets.” Read more...

August 24, 2022


MOR Upgrade Project Completes Key Milestone

A recently completed three-year modernization project for NIF’s Master Oscillator Room—the “heart of the laser”— included support for direct-drive, Flexible Color Mapping experiments. Read more...

August 18, 2022


Plasma Optics Used in Compact Laser Design

LLNL researchers designed a compact multi-petawatt laser using plasma transmission gratings. The design could enable an ultrafast laser up to 1,000 times more powerful than existing lasers of the same size.

August 16, 2022

John Emmett, right, leader of LLNL’s first physics program, cuts the ribbon on the Nova laser

Saluting Laser Program’s Past, Present, and Future

NIF celebrated LLNL’s consolidated laser program’s 50th anniversary by inviting a laser pioneer to reminisce about its beginnings and two present-day experts to look toward an exciting future. Read more...

August 11, 2022

Abstract art with laser tips

Beaming with Excellence

In 1972, LLNL created a unified laser program, enabling research that has led to a major fusion milestone. Science & Technology Review magazine’s cover story looks back at 50 years of history. Read more...

Carl Haussmann and John Emmett working on lasers in 1973

Video: 50 Years of LLNL Lasers

In a video, NIF Principal Associate Director Jeff Wisoff commemorates five decades of cutting-edge laser research in inertial confinement fusion and high energy density science. View video...

This view from the bottom of the NIF Target Chamber shows the target positioner being inserted

Automated Software Optimized NIF Shot Efficiency

NIF experiments used to rely on a measurement technique called long-delay backlighter. As technologies and requirements evolved, a new technique was born: fiber-delay backlighter. Read more...

August 8, 2022

Stylized image shows a cryogenic target used for record-setting inertial fusion experiments at NIF. Credit: James Wickboldt

Peer-Reviewed Papers Highlight Record NIF Result

The scientific results of NIF’s record 1.35 megajoule experiment have been published in three peer-reviewed papers, one in Physical Review Letters and two in Physical Review E. Read more...

August 4, 2022


Machine Learning Approach to ICF Wins Top Award

A nuclear and plasma sciences group honored an LLNL team for their work applying machine learning to inertial confinement fusion research that could predict future NIF experiments. Read more...

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