Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Professor Farhat Beg (Chair)
University of California, San Diego

Professor Don Lamb (Past Chair)
University of Chicago

Professor Justin Wark (Past Chair)
University of Oxford

Dr. Riccardo Betti
University of Rochester

Dr. Gilbert Collins
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester

Dr. Lan Gao
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University

Dr. Roger Falcone
University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Frederico Fiuza
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Dr. Kirk Flippo
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Professor Gianluca Gregori
University of Oxford

Professor Michel Koenig
École Polytechnique

Dr. Chikang Li
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Jena Meinecke
Young Researcher:
University of Oxford

Dr. Paul Neumayer
GSI Darmstadt

Dr. Hye-Sook Park
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Mingsheng Wei
General Atomics