Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Professor Louise Willingale (Chair)
University of Michigan

Dr. Maria Gatu-Johnson (Vice Chair)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor Petros Tzeferacos (Past Chair)
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester

Tilo Doeppner (Facility Liaison)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Maylis Doziere-Aybar
General Atomics

Dr. Charlotte Palmer
Queen’s University Belfast

Dr. Natsumi Iwata
Osaka University, Japan

Dr. Annie Kritcher
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Heath LeFevre
University of Michigan

Dr. Marion Hammond

Professor Danae Polsin
Laboratory for Laser Energetics / University of Rochester

Dr. Mathieu Bailly-Grandvaux
Center for Energy Research (CER), University of California, San Diego

Dr. Stephanie Hansen
Sandia National Laboratory, New Mexico