Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


February 15, 2019
From summer research program to PhD dissertation
MIT graduate student Raspberry Simpson’s scientific journey approaches fruition as she gets ready to build a charged-particle spectrometer for a group under Tammy Ma at the National Ignition Facility. (MIT News)

February 7, 2019
LLNL Tackles Second Annual Battle of the Nerds
In the battle for nerd supremacy, only one team could rise to the top—and that team was Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Lazer Cats, who beat SLAC Attack 38-6 to win the Nerd Bowl II championship. (The Independent)

February 4, 2019
Laser fusion output is tripled by new computer algorithm
Inertial confinement fusion (ICF) experiments have been improved by a new computer algorithm that analyses statistical correlations between previous results. If similar experiments were done at NIF researchers estimate that this could lead to a fusion yield of 500 kJ—several times higher than the present record, and well on the way to ignition. (Physics World)

January 24, 2019
Scientists predict reaction data for fusion research, insight into universe’s origins
Using simulations and calculations, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory nuclear scientists for the first time have accurately predicted the properties of polarized thermonuclear fusion. Analogous calculations could be used to answer some of the most fundamental questions about the origins of the universe and the evolution of stars. (Phys.Org)