Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

10 Discovery Science Campaigns Were Awarded NIF time in the latest Discovery Science round in Nov. 2018

MgSiO3 at high-P
Tom Duffy, Princeton
Hydrogen at high density
Raymond Jeanloz, UCB
Asymptotic nonlinear Rayleigh-Taylor
Shimony, NRCN
Magnetized Rayleigh-Taylor evolution on NIF
Manuel, GA
Iron opacities at solar Interior conditions
Hoarty, AWE
Collisionless shock particle acceleration
Frederico Fiuza, LCLS
Turbulent magnetic reconnection
Will Fox, PPPL
Ultrafast neutron pulses on ARC
Tommasini, LLNL
Plasma amplifier on NIF
Kirkwood, LLNL
Nuclear reactions with Electron screening
Zylstra, LLNL