Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The NIF and Photon Science Directorate Student Scholar Program

Opportunities to discover and engage with cutting-edge scientific facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area are one of the key benefits of a summer internship at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. LLNL itself boasts several world-class high power laser facilities--including the NIF, the largest laser in the world--some of the world's most powerful computers, and a variety of other facilities to perform cutting edge science in our National interest. Beyond the Lab, though, the Bay Area is a hotbed for scientific research with laboratories like SLAC and LBNL as well as the myriad software and engineering company facilities intrinsic to Silicon Valley. We hope you take advantage of the unique summer scholar opportunities to learn more about these places and the work they perform!

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NASA Ames Research Center, one of the ten NASA field centers, is located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. For more than 75 years, Ames has led NASA in conducting world-class research and development in aeronautics, exploration technology and science aligned with the center’s core capabilities.

Seminar: Katherine Bouman - Imaging a Black Hole with the Event Horizon Telescope

The 29-year-old computer scientist who has earned plaudits worldwide for helping develop the algorithm that created the first-ever image of the black hole.

Zeiss Tour
Zeiss has a long history in the optical sciences dating back to the mid-1800’s and their technology can be found worldwide. Medtec is a local division specializing in both classic and specialty medical imaging and surgical technologies, including surgical microscopes, optical coherence tomography, and short-pulsed surgical lasers. Applications include ophthalmology/optometry, neuro, dental and intraoperative radiotherapy.