Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Riding ‘Unicorns’ Into the Future for NIF

For more than a year, NIF scientists have been bringing “Unicorns” to life, only to obliterate their creations with the world’s highest-energy lasers. They believed the unique diagnostics would provide an important clue toward reaching NIF’s ultimate goal supporting its Stockpile Stewardship mission: Ignition. Learn more »

Second Dual-Purpose Positioner Readied

TanDM 124, NIF’s second target and diagnostic manipulator, was moved into position in the Target Bay on Feb. 28. The TanDMs will enhance capabilities and efficiency by improving NIF’s ability to alternate between cryogenic and warm targets and by increasing the capacity to diagnose experiments. Learn more »

Lab Co-hosts Meeting on Target Fabrication

An international group of scientists and engineers gathered in Nevada from March 12 to 16 to focus on the role of targets in advancing fusion science. The 22nd Target Fabrication Specialists Meeting was the largest in recent history, with nearly 130 participants from four different countries. Learn more »