Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Stylized image shows a cryogenic target used for record-setting inertial fusion experiments at NIF. Credit: James Wickbold

Peer-Reviewed Papers Highlight NIF’s Record

The scientific results of NIF’s record 1.35 megajoule experiment have been published in three peer-reviewed papers, one in Physical Review Letters and two in Physical Review E.

Video: 50 Years of LLNL Laser

We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the consolidation of LLNL’s laser programs into one division, which enabled cutting-edge research in inertial confinement fusion and high energy density science.

Team on Mission to Build New Laser Tech

The team developing LLNL’s unique diode-pumped alkali laser are dedicated to their mission to enhance the nation’s safety and security.

LLNL Physicist Receives Fusion Award

The Fusion Power Associates selected LLNL physicist Debbie Callahan as a recipient of its 2022 Leadership Award for her work designing targets for NIF.

Safety Society Honors NIF’s Tom Kohut

The local American Society of Safety Professionals chapter honored NIF’s Tom Kohut with a “Managers Who Get Safety” award.

NIF Welcomes 100,000th Visitor

When the 100,000th visitor to NIF walked through the door last month, there were no bells or whistles. But it was a monumental moment.