Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Graphic comparison of targets in high-yield NIF experiments

Steps That Led to NIF’s Fusion Milestone

In an International Atomic Energy Agency webinar, ICF Chief Scientist Omar Hurricane described the process that led to the ground-breaking NIF experiment on Aug. 8, 2021.

Special Report: Threshold of Ignition

NIF’s Aug. 8 record was the culmination of years of research in lasers, optics, diagnostics, target fabrication, experimental design, and computer modeling.

Researchers Focus on Tantalum’s Strength

Researchers from LLNL, LANL, and Sandia teamed to better understand the strength of tantalum using conditions accessed by NIF and Sandia’s Z machine.

Science on Saturday: Nuclear Fusion

Video: LLNL scientists Derek Mariscal and Dave Schlossberg presented a recent Science on Saturday session on “Bringing Star Power to Earth: Harnessing Nuclear Fusion.”

Mentoring Creates Career Growth Rewards

An LLNL Engineering ombudsman supporting NIF&PS is “paying it forward” by mentoring a fellow Lab employee. Both have found the relationship beneficial.

Precision Applied to Machining Move

Machining operations for Target Fabrication were upgraded and consolidated without missing a minute of the continuous work of designing and delivering targets to the world’s largest laser.