Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Improving Polar Direct Drive Neutron Sources

Scientists from LLNL and the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) are working to improve polar direct drive neutron sources for use on NIF experiments.

Fusion Research Progress at NIF

At a virtual conference, representatives from NIF&PS and other high-power laser facilities around the world reported on continued progress of fusion research despite the past year’s added challenges.

NIF Postdoc Gets Nobel Laureate Invite

NIF&PS’s Matthew Edwards is one of three LLNL postdoctoral appointees selected to attend the 70th annual Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting.

1D Model Clarifies Implosion Performance

To improve understanding of ICF implosion performance, researchers have developed a compression scaling model benchmarked to 1D implosion simulations spanning a variety of relevant implosion designs.

Measuring High-Pressure Refractive Index

A high-precision interferometer system, newly developed to measure the pressure dependence of the refractive index and its dispersion in diamond anvil cells, could become another important diagnostic tool for NIF experiments.

L3-HAPLS Marks Laser Power Milestone

The L3-HAPLS, the world’s highest-average-power petawatt laser system designed and built by LLNL, reached a major milestone during a recent demonstration at the ELI Beamlines Research Center.