Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Image of Diamond Capsule Inside Hohlraum

Diamond Capsule Quality Enhanced Record Shot

The quality of the high-density carbon (HDC), or diamond, target capsule was a factor in NIF’s record-smashing 1.3-megajoule (MJ) energy-yield experiment. Fourth in a series.

Research Takes Closer Look at ICF Entropy

New research examined entropy—the measure of internal energy per unit temperature that is unavailable for doing useful work—in NIF ICF experiments.

Scholar Intern Pursues Passion for Optics

Natalie Shultz became enthralled with optics in high school. That led to her NIF&PS Summer Scholar Program project to help protect NIF’s final optics assembly.

Bridging the Idea-to-Industry Gap

A neodymium-doped fiber amplifier that doubles the capacity of fiber-optic cables is among many LLNL-developed ideas awarded technology commercialization funds.

Magnetic Flux Generation in ICF Implosions

LLNL researchers now have a better understanding of how strong the magnetic fields are during an ICF implosion at NIF.

Scientists Earn Early, Mid-Career Honors

LLNL’s seventh-annual Early and Mid-Career Recognition Program included five scientists whose work has made a significant impact on NIF & Photon Science research.