Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Teamwork Propels Summer Scholars to New Discoveries

NIF&PS summer scholars Matthew Thibodeau and Jesus Hinojosa are working alongside veteran Lab researchers and visiting graduate students to explore new x-ray light sources for high energy density experiments at the Laboratory’s Jupiter Laser Facility. Learn more »

Helping Automate Control System Software Revisions

Zach DiPasquale’s passion for designing software applications brought him to the Lab this summer, where he’s designing changes to NIF’s complex computer control system that could have a big impact on the facility’s developers for years to come. Learn more »

New Fiber Optics Design Measures NIF Beamline Performance

Dylan Beckman’s interest in optical engineering is being put to work designing a new optical fiber system to transport ultraviolet light. His work eventually might be used on all 192 NIF beamlines and give users greater confidence in the facility’s laser performance. Learn more »