Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Discovery Science Experiments Selected

Ten new Discovery Science experiments have been awarded NIF shot time beginning in the spring of 2018. The experiments, selected from among 26 proposals submitted last summer, range from astrophysics and plasma physics to nuclear physics, material properties, and hydrodynamics. Learn more »

Laser-Accelerator Research Goes Viral

The pioneering work of LLNL physicist Félicie Albert has earned the plasma physics equivalent of going viral: Her paper on the wide-ranging potential for laser-accelerated light sources was among the most popular downloads of the year published by IOP Science. Learn more »

NIF and JLF User Groups Meet

The NIF and Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF) user groups held their 2017 plenary meeting at the Bella Rosa event center in Livermore from Feb. 5 to 8. The 173 registered researchers represented 36 different institutions across 10 countries including the United States. Learn more »