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How LLNL launched ‘The Age of Ignition’ at NIF

How did LLNL make history at the National Ignition Facility by achieving fusion ignition on Dec. 5, 2022? Our special expanded report, The Age of Ignition, explains how this was accomplished, how it helps strengthen national security, and what it means for science and energy. Download PDF

Comic Book Tells the Story of Ignition

LLNL illustrator John Jett used comic book art as another way to tell the story of how a Lab experiment at NIF made history.

Ignition Takes Center Stage at NIF-JLF

Ignition—the word and the subject—remained the dominant theme at this year’s NIF and JLF User Groups Meeting.

A Modern Renaissance Woman

NIF Shot Data Systems software engineer Carolyn Albiston was curious about everything while growing up—sharks, fungi, the science of color—and about how different topics fit together.

Raspberry Simpson Named Kavli Fellow

Raspberry Simpson, a Lawrence Fellow in the NIF&PS Directorate, has been named a National Academy of Sciences Kavli Fellow.

Throwing Shade on Optics Damage

If the sun’s too bright, you don sunglasses to prevent glare from damaging your eyes. LLNL researchers are using this same strategy to mitigate damage to valuable optics at NIF.

The Sluggish Pace of Star Formation

To search for solutions to a puzzle of why the star formation rate is declining, an international team of researchers has turned to the unprecedented capabilities of NIF.

Supercomputer Sims of Super-Diamond

Another form of carbon has been predicted to be even tougher than diamond. The challenge, which inspires ongoing experiments at NIF, is how to create it on Earth.

Annie Kritcher: Tackling Big Challenges

Here’s the story behind how Annie Kritcher became the principal designer on the LLNL team that achieved one of science’s biggest challenges—fusion ignition.

Ignition Breakthrough Published in PRL

Physical Review Letters (PRL) published one of the first peer-reviewed papers detailing LLNL’s historic achievement of fusion ignition at NIF, with companion papers in PRL and Physical Review E.