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The Age of Ignition: Inside LLNL’s Fusion Breakthrough

On Dec. 5, 2022, an experiment at NIF produced more energy from a fusion reaction than the energy needed to spark the reaction, a condition known as ignition. This series of articles explains how LLNL made scientific history and what it means for science, national security, and the promise of clean, safe, and abundant energy.

Understanding the Plasticity of Diamond

A study published in Matter investigates the evolution of plasticity in diamond, which is important for HED experiments on high-energy laser systems such as NIF.

Physicists Named SPIE Senior Members

LLNL’s Wren Carr and Peter DeVore were elected as senior members of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics.

Scholar Program Celebrates Record Year

The NIF&PS Summer Scholar Program had a record year in 2023—and it’s directly related to LLNL’s fusion ignition milestone last December.

Intern Follows Lifelong Passion for Science

The NIF&PS Summer Scholar Program intern Elias Anwar has long considered science a perfect fit for his logic-driven mind and personality.

Summer Scholar Wants to Inspire Others

Ashleigh Wilson once thought she’d become an accountant. Now the Norfolk State Ph.D. candidate has just wrapped up her second year as a NIF&PS summer intern.

Passion for Physics Drives NIF Intern

Initially drawn to math, Danny Attiyah became hooked on physics. This summer, the third-year Ph.D. student at UC Irvine is at LLNL testing physics simulations he developed.

Scientists Named Optica Senior Members

LLNL scientists David Gibson and Paul Pax were named Optica senior members, which recognizes a decade or more of professional experience in optics.

LLNL Corones Award Winners Celebrated

Physicist Tammy Ma and computational scientist Jeff Hittinger were recently celebrated for winning the Krell Institute’s award for leadership and community building.