Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

How Diamonds Are Used for Nuclear Fusion

How Diamonds Are Used for Nuclear Fusion

A new Inside the Lab video takes a look inside the target capsules used at NIF, where nanoscopic diamond technology is making a huge difference in some of the world’s most energetic fusion experiments.

Advance in Metasurfaces for AR Coatings

LLNL researchers have reported a significant advance in broadband antireflective (AR) coatings applied to optics using nanostructure metasurface technology.

A NIF Cryogenic Target

This photo, which first appeared on the cover of Nature, shows the type of target used to reach the burning plasma state in a laboratory experiment at NIF.

Helping to Unlock Plutonium’s Secrets

A new plutonium target fabrication facility at LLNL will help improve our understanding of plutonium, a vital aspect of maintaining the reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

Key Measurement for ICF Experiments

LLNL researchers have refined the measurement of the gamma-to-neutron branching ratio in deuterium-tritium fusion reactions.

Special Report: Threshold of Ignition

NIF’s Aug. 8 record was the culmination of years of research in lasers, optics, diagnostics, target fabrication, experimental design, and computer modeling.