Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Chaotic Stew Creates Relativistic Regimes

A turbulent, chaotic stew of plasma and laser fields gives cone-shaped targets their ability to help scientists explore new relativistic plasma regimes at NIF’s Advanced Radiographic Capability (ARC) laser, according to new research.

Laser-Heated Foams Help ICF Goals

LLNL scientists tested laser-heated additive manufactured foams to help advance HED science and support the ICF program goal of achieving ignition in the lab.

NIF to Test Nuclear Survivability in Space

What would happen if a ballistic missile interceptor encountered a nuclear explosion above the Earth’s atmosphere? That’s a question a new NIF capability now under development may answer.

Target Fab Team Key to NIF’s Rapid Restart

The Target Fabrication Team’s efforts after the region’s pandemic shutdown helped NIF rapidly resume operations, a key factor in LLNL’s overall rating of excellent in the NNSA’s 2020 Performance Evaluation Report.

Stepped-Up Investment in Fusion Energy

An Energy Department advisory committee recommended investments in technology and equipment to support one of NIF’s core missions—laying the groundwork for inertial fusion energy.

COVID-19 Protocols Keep NIF on Track

The health and safety protocols that let NIF resume experiments after shelter-in-place directives took effect remain in place, helping NIF maintain a slate of experiments that are essential to national security.