Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Artist drawing of Pressure Scales. Credit: James Wickboldt

Smashing Gold, Platinum with Finesse

Shockless compression experiments at NIF and Sandia’s Z machine have established new pressure scales to measure the compression of gold and platinum when squeezed to 1 terapascal with extremely high precision.

How NIF Inspired 3D Metal-Printing Tech

The quest for fusion energy and an innovative technique to protect NIF’s optical components from laser damage inspired a new high-speed 3D manufacturing technology.

From NIF to Z

LLNL and Sandia National Laboratories are continuing their long-standing collaboration on diagnostic advancements for the nation’s premier high energy density research facilities.

NIF Installs New, Improved Shot Setup Tool

When NIF’s Campaign Management Tool (CMT) was retired, it culminated a seven-year effort to replace the complex and cumbersome original experiment setup tool.

Slow and Fast Light in Plasma

A laser-plasma system can be tuned to produce large and measurable changes in the group velocity of light, a technique that could further NIF’s quest for fusion ignition.

Predictions of Helium Rain Validated

LLNL scientists now have experimental evidence supporting predictions that helium rain is possible under conditions inside planets such as Jupiter and Saturn.