Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

HAPLS Wins Award for Technology Transfer

One of LLNL’s largest-ever technology transfer projects—the design, development, and construction of the HAPLS advanced petawatt (quadrillion-watt) laser system—has received a regional award for tech transfer from the Federal Laboratory Consortium. Learn more »

Connecting the ‘Dots’ to Measure Energy Flow in NIF Hohlraums

LLNL researchers are employing a novel technique—placing spectroscopic tracer “dots” inside the hohlraum and on the surface of the target capsule—to determine hohlraum temperature and plasma flow. Learn more »

What Is Stockpile Stewardship?

LLNL (along with other Department of Energy laboratories and plants) uses science and technology to assess the safety, security, and reliability of the nation’s nuclear stockpile. But what does that really mean? A new video explains. View the video »