Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

New Report: U.S. Has ‘Unique Opportunity’ to Lead IFE Research

NIF achieved fusion ignition on Dec. 5 and a newly released report finds that historic moment gives the U.S. a “unique opportunity” to further lead the world scientific community’s pursuit of developing fusion as a future source of clean energy.

NIF Achieves Fusion Ignition

The U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration announced the achievement of fusion ignition at NIF on Dec. 5.

Ignition Hailed as Historic Scientific Feat

NIF’s demonstration of fusion ignition was hailed as a potentially world-changing breakthrough and a key initial step in a decades-long quest for limitless clean energy.

NIF’s Gains Make Internships Coveted

NIF’s recent scientific advances, including the achievement of fusion ignition, have increased interest among aspiring young scientists for the NIF&PS Summer Scholar Program.

Meet Zhi Liao, NIF’s Workforce Manager

Zhi Liao’s path from laser scientist to his new role as workforce manager for NIF&PS has come full circle—and is rooted in his early days at LLNL.

Dawn of the ‘Era of Ignition’ Draws Cheers

NIF’s historic Dec. 5 fusion ignition experiment generated awe, pride, and bright optimism about the future among LLNL employees.

An Ignition ‘True Believer’ Retires

After an exciting, highly productive career, NIF Director Doug Larson has retired. He played key roles in nearly every aspect of the construction and operation of NIF.

Beauty in Additively Manufactured Optics

There’s never been a more exciting time to be working in additively manufactured glass, LLNL’s Rebecca Dylla-Spears said at a glass science and art conference.

Magnetized Targets Boost Implosion Yield

By imbedding a target capsule in a strong magnetic field, ICF researchers demonstrated a potential path to sustained high-energy-yield NIF implosions.

Video: The Beamline to Ignition

Follow the journey of NIF’s laser beams as they dramatically increase in energy on their way to the center of the Target Chamber.