Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Photo of a cryogenic target. Credit: Jason Laurea

Nature: How Burning Plasma Was Achieved

In the Jan. 26 issue of Nature, LLNL physicists detail how a burning plasma state was achieved for the first time in a laboratory during experiments at NIF in November 2020 and February 2021.

Nature: Target and Laser Designs

Also in Nature, NIF researchers describe innovative target and laser designs that led to achieving a burning plasma state during experiments in 2020 and 2021.

Special Series: Threshold of Ignition

Learn more about how years of research in lasers, optics, diagnostics, target fabrication, experimental design, and computer modeling and simulation culminated into NIF’s Aug. 8 “Wright Brothers moment.”

Fusion Milestone Creates Buzz at APS

LLNL physicist Debbie Callahan has given plenty of presentations over the years—but she didn’t expect a standing ovation at the 2021 APS Division of Plasma Physics meeting.

Ironing Out the Interiors of Exoplanets

LLNL scientists and collaborators used NIF’s lasers to experimentally determine the high-pressure melting curve and structural properties of pure iron descending toward the center of an extra-solar planet.

NIF Optics Engineer Named SPIE Fellow

Christopher Stolz, an associate program manager in charge of the NIF optics supply, was elected as a fellow of the international society for optics and photonics.