Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Graphic of new NIF record yield of 1.3 megajoules: Credit John Jett

NIF Researchers on Threshold of Fusion Ignition

A NIF experiment this month made a significant step toward ignition, achieving a yield of more than 1.3 megajoules (MJ). This advancement puts researchers at the threshold of fusion ignition.

Machine Learning Sharpens Predictions

A new machine learning-based approach that combines simulation and experimental data for ICF experiments is more accurate than simulations alone.

Fusion Supports the Stockpile

To support the NNSA’s Stockpile Stewardship Program, weapon designers, experimentalists, and engineers turn to platforms of immense energy and engineering prowess such as NIF.

Nuclear Diagnostics Pave Way to Ignition

An extensive suite of nuclear diagnostics helped meet the challenge of understanding exactly what’s happening in a NIF implosion under extreme conditions.

Experiments Close In on Burning Plasma

Recent experiments at NIF have shown that the “burning plasma” stage needed for achieving ignition may be within reach.

Plasma Science Report Highlights NIF

A report highlights NIF’s progress toward fusion ignition, contributions to stockpile stewardship and plasma physics research.