Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Sketch of Magnetized NIF Hohlraum

Magnetized Targets Boost Implosion Yield

By imbedding a target capsule in a strong magnetic field, inertial confinement fusion researchers have demonstrated a potential path to sustained high-energy-yield NIF implosions.

NIF Talks Highlight APS-DPP Conference

LLNL was well represented at the 64th American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics meeting, a largely in-person conference.

Back on Track Toward Ignition

A record high-laser-energy NIF target shot on Sept. 19 produced about 1.2 million joules of fusion energy yield, putting NIF back on track toward ignition.

Ions Behave Differently in Fusion Reactions

Just published in Nature Physics: LLNL researchers discovered that ions behave differently in fusion reactions than previously expected.

Video: The Beamline to Ignition

Follow the journey of NIF’s laser beams as they dramatically increase in energy on their way to the center of the Target Chamber.

Mural Launched with Recipes for Success

Four former NASA astronauts, including NIF’s Jeff Wisoff, dedicated a mural painted in their honor by sharing their life’s experiences, wisdom, and advice.

Laser Safety Officers Convene at Workshop

A workshop showcased how laser safety regulations such as ones developed at LLNL and NIF are helping to raise the standards at academic-based research facilities.

‘Reaching the Threshold of Ignition’ PDF

A PDF version of a special-edition magazine that takes an in-depth look at NIF’s 1.35-megajoule milestone is now available for download.