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LLNL’s Breakthrough Ignition Experiment Published in PRL

Physical Review Letters (PRL) just published one of the first peer-reviewed papers detailing LLNL’s historic achievement of fusion ignition at NIF. Companion papers in PRL and Physical Review E provide further details.

DOE Honors Fusion Ignition Teams

The Fusion Ignition Team and a team that helped tell the world the story of that historic LLNL accomplishment at NIF were among the Lab project teams to earn Department of Energy Secretary’s Honor Awards.

Tracing the Steps to Fusion Ignition

The inside story of how LLNL researchers solved physics and engineering challenges to achieve target energy gain is told in a comprehensive Reviews of Modern Physics article.

Studies Aimed at Boosting NIF Yield

Recent LLNL ignition experiments indicate an upgrade to 3 MJ of laser energy at NIF could increase fusion yields in the 30 MJ range.

LLNL-Led Team Receives Award for IFE Hub

The Energy Department has awarded a $16 million project to a multi-institutional team led by LLNL to accelerate inertial fusion energy science and tech, an effort to be carried out by a hub named IFE-STARFIRE.

Laser Safety Officer Named LIA Fellow

Jamie King, LLNL and NIF and Photon Science certified laser safety officer, was named a fellow of the Laser Institute, the organization’s highest level of membership.

Engineer Mentors High School Robotics

By day, NIF&PS engineer Paul Armstrong heads up an advanced laser applications team. In his spare time, he guides a high school robotics team.

HBCU Week Showcases Lab Expertise

LLNL HBCU Week’s goal is to increase the number of underrepresented groups in STEM fields. Lab staff presented an overview of LLNL research, culture, and career opportunities.

The Age of Ignition: Anniversary Edition

One year after LLNL achieved fusion ignition at NIF, we have expanded our special report The Age of Ignition with more stories explaining how scientific history was made.
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