Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

March 14, 2018

Spotlight on:

NIF&PS People

Tour Guides Put NIF’s Best Foot Forward

Thanks to the volunteer tour guides dedicated to spreading the word about NIF’s science and missions, more than 80,000 visitors have been able to learn first-hand about the facility’s world-class technology and achievements. Read more...

Video Tour of NIF

NIF & Photon Science: Science on a Mission

A new video tour prepared for the American Physical Society describes NIF’s missions and captures the importance and excitement of conducting experiments on the world’s highest-energy laser system. Read more...

LLNL Hosts Joint Working Group Meeting

The Laboratory was host to a week-long U.S.-United Kingdom Joint Working Group meeting on plasma physics and high energy density (HED) physics in support of stockpile stewardship at HED research facilities. Read more...
Volunteers at Expanding Your Horizons Conference

Providing STEM Outreach to Young Girls

Five NIF & Photon Science volunteers participated in a conference designed to help motivate young women to consider education and career options in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Read more...
A Double-Shell Keyhole Target

First Double-Shell Keyhole Target Experiment

A NIF experiment led by Los Alamos National Laboratory was the first to use a double-shell “keyhole” target with the first high-Z (high atomic number) inner-shell capsule to study preheating of the inner capsule shell by hard x-rays generated by the hohlraum. Read more...
Physicist Demonstrates Laser Light Fountain

Laser Roadshow Visits Two Local Schools

The NIF & Photon Science Laser Roadshow, featuring demonstrations of lasers and their properties, visited two schools in nearby Pleasanton, California, in January as part of LLNL’s STEM outreach program. Read more...