Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

June 14, 2017

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Papers and Presentations

NIF Laser Technology Could Revolutionize Metal 3D Printing

An award-winning technology originally developed to smooth out and pattern NIF’s high-energy laser beams now can be used to 3D-print metal objects faster than ever before, according to a new study by LLNL researchers. Read more...

The NIF Survey Spectrometer Deployed on the Target Chamber

NIF Gets a Fresh Look at the X-ray Spectrum

A marriage of the world’s highest-energy lasers and a century-old technology is now producing new x-ray imaging data for NIF researchers. It’s called the NIF Survey Spectrometer, or NSS. Read more...
Craig Siders

Optical Society of America honors Craig Siders

LLNL physicist Craig Siders has been named a senior member of the Optical Society of America (OSA), an international society for optics and photonics scientists, engineers, educators, and business leaders. Read more...
Becky Butlin

Zen and the Art of Laser Maintenance

As NIF optics maintenance manager, Patrick Williams is acutely tuned to potential problems on the world’s most energetic laser system. Read more...
Technician Installs TARDIS Target

Preparing a TARDIS Target

Target Fabrication technician Jeana Bigelow-Granillo installs a backlighter on a TARDIS (target diffraction in-situ) target in the Bldg. 381 target fabrication facility. Read more...