Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

August 10, 2017

Spotlight on:

Experimental Highlights

NIF’s Night Owls: Where the Wild Things Are

From sunset to sunrise, while others slumber, the Owls of the National Ignition Facility nurture the world’s most energetic laser through some of its most productive hours. Read more...

Image of the Metal Powder Bed Fusion Process

Study Discovers a Cause of Defects in 3D Metal Printing

High-speed images of a common laser-based metal 3D printing process coupled with newly updated computer models have revealed the mechanisms behind material redistribution, a phenomenon that leads to defects in printed metal parts. Read more...
Early and Mid-Career Recognition Program Researchers

Researchers Recognized for Accomplishments in Early and Mid-Career

Four NIF & Photon Science-related researchers have been selected for LLNL’s third annual Early and Mid-Career Recognition Program. Read more...
Montrey Freeman in the Fiber Draw Tower

Summer Scholar Explores the Flexibility of Fibers

The biggest surprise so far for NIF & Photon Science Summer Scholar Montrey Freeman has been the flexibility of physics. The thinner he pulls the doped glass in the NIF Optical Fiber lab, the more it challenges his preconceived notions about the substance. Read more...