Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

March 22, 2017

Spotlight on:

Experimental Highlights

Ignition: A Look Ahead

One of the most difficult and demanding scientific challenges scientists face is generating fusion ignition and gain in the laboratory. They are taking a systematic approach to learning as much as possible about how fusion targets behave, and what limits their performance, in order to clearly chart the path forward. Read more...

A NIF Unicorn Target

Riding ‘Unicorns’ Into the Future for NIF

For more than a year, NIF scientists have successfully been bringing “Unicorns” to life, only to obliterate their creations with the world’s highest-energy lasers. Read more...
Riggers Move TanDM 124 to Target Bay

Second Dual-Purpose Positioner Readied for Action

NIF’s second target and diagnostic manipulator, known as TanDM 124, was moved into position in the Target Bay on Feb. 28. The TanDM positioners were designed to enhance NIF’s capabilities and efficiency. Read more...
A Beryllium Capsule

Lab Co-hosts Target Fabrication Specialists Meeting

An international group of scientists and engineers gathered last week to focus on the role of targets in advancing fusion science. The meeting was the largest in recent history, with nearly 130 participants from four different countries. Read more...
LLNL Officials Meet with Members of the German Delegation

Research Collaborations with Germany Planned

Stepped-up collaborations between LLNL and the German laser and optics industry were the subject of a recent visit to the Laboratory by a delegation of German officials, scientists, and business leaders. Read more...