Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

In 2017, 11 proposals were awarded time for experiments that will start in FY19

Gas Giant Planets
Jeanloz (UCB)
Brown Dwarfs
Falcone (UCB)
Radiative Supernova Remnant Shocks
Kuranz (Univ. Mich.)
Turbulent RT in the Universe
Kline (LANL)
Magnetic Fields in the universe
Pollock (LLNL)
Plasma Particle Acceleration
Albert (LLNL)
Stellar Nuclear Reactions
Gatu-Johnson (MIT)
Landau-Darrius Flame Instability
Casner (Univ. Bordeaux)
Plasma Nuclear Reactions
Berzak-Hopkins (LLNL)
Dense Plasmas, X-ray Thomson Scattering
Doeppner (LLNL)
Extreme Materials Science
Meyers (UCSD)