Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The talented and committed people of NIF & Photon Science represent a wide variety of expertise and experience, with equally diverse backgrounds and interests. The directorate benefits every day from the work of some of the world’s most creative and visionary scientists, engineers, and technicians, supported by a team of technicians, analysts, designers, transport & handling workers, health and safety experts, computer programmers, accountants, and administrators, among others—known collectively as the Eighth Wonder of NIF.

Come back to these pages often to learn more about the people who make the directorate’s accomplishments possible. Read a profile of Kelli Humbird, who applies machine learning tools to analyze NIF inertial confinement fusion implosions and modeling for COVID-19 projects. And watch this video to get a sense of the importance—and the excitement—of working with the world’s highest-energy laser system: