Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Two-neutron capture in a DT layered shot
Michael Paul
Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem
Ion acceleration in Magnetized collisionless shocks
Derek Schaeffer
Princeton University
Nuclear cross sections in stellar evolution
Alex Zylstra
Iron photoionized plasmas relevant to accretion disks
Roberto Mancini
Univ. of Nevada, Reno
MHD in magnetized plasmas
M. Bailly
Grandvaux, UCSD
Superionic water ices
F. Coppari
(r,T, Z) measurements of colliding shocks in HDC
Luke Fletcher
Silicate structures at super-Earth interior conditions
Tom Duffy
Princeton Univ.
Transport processes in turbulent magnetized plasmas
Gianluca Gregori
Oxford University
Chemistry under extreme conditions: phase transitions in NaCI
Choong-Shik Yoo
Washington State Univ.
Scaling of shock-driven flows over orders of magnitude
Riccardo Bonanzza
Univ. Wisconsin, Madison