Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Promoting STEM at Hart Middle School

LLNL volunteers brought the NIF & Photon Science “Laser Roadshow” to the Thomas S. Hart Middle School in Pleasanton, California, on Jan. 19 to participate in an evening of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

The Roadshow, consisting of interactive laser demonstrations and a virtual reality tour of NIF, has visited schools, museums, and science fairs around the country to bring awareness and education to students and the public about lasers and how they function. NIF&PS community outreach coordinator Henry Hui arranged the visit, and LLNL mechanical engineers Stephen Hayes and Alex Aguirre manned the Laser DJ and Laser Light Fountain stations. Kendra Ruiz treated the students to the virtual tour of NIF and led them through a fact sheet describing the facility.

Stephen Hayes and the Laser Light FountainLLNL engineer Stephen Hayes uses the Laser Light Fountain to demonstrate color mixing and the principle of total internal reflection, which allows the laser light to follow the falling water. Alex Aguirre and the Laser DJAlex Aguirre shows a student how a modulated laser beam transmits music through air—or is silenced if the beam is blocked. Students Take a Virtual Tour of NIFHart Middle School students pay a virtual visit to NIF. Credit: Jason Laurea