Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NIF Physicist Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Veteran NIF physicist Charles Orth has received the 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award from the publication Marquis Who’s Who.

Charles Orth

Orth, who has served as a physicist with LLNL for more than 40 years, performed extensive and formative work in NIF program areas, including designing inertial confinement fusion (ICF) chambers, targets and lasers, as well as developing computer optimization software. Orth also was directly involved with the joint LLNL-NASA project to conceptualize the VISTA spacecraft, a design that could be powered by ICF.

Marquis Who’s Who is a directory of short biographies of notable figures, and the publication bestows its Lifetime Achievement Award on a biography subject who has demonstrated “leadership, excellence and longevity within their industry and profession.”

Orth has been a physicist at LLNL since 1978 and has been involved in research on many topics, including high-altitude cosmic-ray spectrometry, Monte Carlo nuclear electromagnetic cascade calculations, and real-time corrected telescope images.

On receiving the Award, Orth said, “I feel great joy and honor to be recognized. Of course, many people contribute to progress at LLNL, but I was especially pleased to receive this award after Marquis learned of my most recent article’s publication in the Physics of Plasmas, which offers a potential new approach to the pursuit of fusion ignition at the NIF. I hope this award brings light to the work that we’re all doing here at the Lab to keep testing such innovative ideas, because it is often through the pursuit of unprecedented approaches that science is advanced.”

One of the highest distinctions given by Marquis Who’s Who, the Lifetime Achievement Award entitles recipients to a listing on the Lifetime Achievers Website alongside fellow honorees, as well as a professional announcement detailing induction.