Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lydia Camara

Deputy Principal
Associate Director
for Operations

Lydia Camara, deputy principal associate director (DPAD) for Operations, is a key member of the NIF & Photon Science (NIF&PS) Directorate’s senior management team and is responsible for Directorate Operations, which provides information technology, facilities, environment, safety and health, training, security, and project/construction management services to the Directorate. She works with program directors to provide support to their areas and represents NIF&PS on institutional committees that address operational, safety, and security issues. She is responsible for implementation of the LLNL enhanced work control system in the NIF&PS Directorate.

Lydia came to the Laboratory in July, 2003. She has experience with incident analysis and worked on the classified operations readiness review at the NIF site. She has held positions as the NIF&PS Deputy Operations Manager, NIF&PS Assurance Manager, NIF&PS Directorate Security Officer, and Nuclear Materials Technology Program Assurance Manager at LLNL.

Prior to joining the Laboratory, Lydia supported pit manufacturing at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She received a B.S. in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California.