Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Summary and Findings of the Kinetic Physics Workshop 2016

Tuesday, April 5th

B481 Rm. 1000 Auditorium

07:30 a.m.

Arrival and Badging

Westgate Badge Office



B481 Atrium



H. Rinderknecht

08:35 Welcome J. Edwards

Overview of NIF Layered Implosion Performance and Anomalies

P. Patel
09:25 Ion Kinetic Effects in Exploding-Pusher Implosions on OMEGA and the NIF M. Rosenberg
09:45 Interspecies Ion Diffusion Studies H. Herrmann
10:05 Break – Coffee  

Interspecies D/Ar Separation in an ICF Implosion Inferred From Streaked and Imaging X-ray Spectroscopy 

S. Hsu

Observations of Yield Ratios in DT Gas-filled Implosions at OMEGA and the NIF and their Implications for Single-Ion Fluid Approximations

D. Casey

Demonstration of a New Time-resolved Diagnostic for Measuring Hydro/Kinetic Mix in ICF Capsules Using HT and DT Gamma Rays

M. Schmitt
11:20 Experimental Investigation of Super Diffusive Plasma Mix J. Fernández
11:40   Studies of Kinetic and Multiple-ion-fluid Effects in ICF Plasmas Using Multiple Nuclear and X-ray Emission Histories H. Sio
12:00 p.m. Photograph and Lunch  
1:30 Measurements of Ion Species Separation Using Thomson Scattering S. Ross
1:50 When Gold and Diamond Meet at High Velocity: Collision, Diffusion, Penetration? S. LePape
2:10 Plasma Interpenetration Study – Fully Explicit Kinetic Particle-in-Cell Simulations A. Kemp
2:30 Proton Radiography of Self-generated Fields and their Effects on ICF Dynamics C.K. Li
2:50 Shock Front Structure Measured by Broadband Proton Radiography R. Hua

B481 Rms. 2004-2005

3:10 Break – Coffee and cookies  
3:30 Ion Thermal Decoupling in Shock-Driven Implosions on OMEGA H. Rinderknecht
3:35 Discussion Session – Experiments & Diagnostics H. Rinderknecht
5:00 Adjourn  

Wednesday, April 6th

B481 Rm 1000 Auditorium

07:30 a.m. Arrival and Badging Westgate Badge Office
08:00 Refreshments B481 Atrium
08:30 How Kinetic Effects Might Affect Ignition, and in what Phase-space Conditions S. Haan

Status of Detailed Modeling of High Foot Implosions-Where do we Agree and Disagree with the Data

D. Clark
09:15 Multicomponent Species Transport Models in Hydrodynamics Codes W. Cabot
09:35 Incorporating Reduced Ion Kinetic Models in Hydrodynamics Codes G. Zimmerman
09:55 Species Separation in Shock Waves:
Simple Solution of a Multispecies Ion Transport Model
N. Hoffman
10:15 Break – Coffee  
10:30 Concentration Differential between Species Driven by P and T Gradients in Hotspot during Shock Flash and Hotspot  Formation D. Ho
10:50 Multi-fluid Simulations of ICF Implosions C. Bellei
11:10 Fluid Simulation of Exploding Pusher Experiments S. Atzeni
11:30 Hybrid Techniques for ICF Simulation C. Thoma
11:50 Recent LSP Modeling of Omega Experiments A. Le
12:10 p.m. Lunch  
1:30 Using Neutrons to Diagnose Kinetic Phenomena in Interpenetrating Flows D. Higginson
1:50 Investigation on Ion-kinetic Effects on ICF Implosions through Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Numerical Simulations O. Larroche
2:10 An Optimal Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Solver for Simulation of Kinetic ICF Plasmas L. Chacon
2:30 Preliminary Simulations of Problems Related to ICF, and Verification Study with iFP W. Taitano
2:50 MOD-MD: A Tool for Exploring Dense Plasma Kinetics M. Murillo

B481 Rms. 2004-2005

3:10 Break – Coffee and cookies  
3:30 Discussion Session – Simulation S. Wilks, G. Zimmerman
5:00 Adjourn  

Thursday, April 7th

B481 Rm 1000 Auditorium

07:30 a.m. Arrival and Badging Westgate Badge Office
08:00 Refreshments B481 Atrium
08:30 Which Aspects of NIF Implosions could be impacted by Kinetic Physics? N. Landen
08:55 Studies of Viscous, Kinetic and Transport Effects in ICF Target Dynamics R. Mason
09:15 Kinetic Effects in a Fluid Plasma Transport Approximation and Some Recent Simulation  Results E. Vold
09:35 Nonlocal Electron Transport in Laser-produced  Plasmas A. Sunahara
09:55 Assessing the Impact of Laser-Plasma Instabilities, Hot Electron Fluxes and Far from Equilibrium Kinetic States in Burning Plasmas B. Afeyan
10:15 Break – Coffee  
10:30 Rigorous Hydrodynamic Description of Unmagnetized Multi-ion Plasmas A. Simakov
10:50 One-dimensional Particle Simulations of Knudsen-layer Effects on D-T Fusion B. Cohen
11:10 Thermal and Suprathermal Particles in ICF Implosions G. Kagan
11:30 Can Wetted Foam Liquid Fuel ICF Experiments be Useful for Exploring The Transition from “Hydro-like” to “Kinetic-like” Behaviors at the Time of Shock Convergence? R. Olson
11:50 Spallation-Induced Pusher/Hotspot Mix in ICF Implosions C. Orth
12:10 p.m. Lunch  

B481 Rms. 2004-2005

1:30 Discussion Session P. Amendt
3:00 Break-Coffee  
3:15 Summary and Discussion  
  Workshop Overview R. Collins & moderators
  Experimental Summary H. Rinderknecht
  Simulation Summary S. Wilks
  Theory Summary P. Amendt