Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


  • Highlights of May Experiments on NIF
  • Gigabar Equation-of-State Experiments
  • Production of Beryllium Capsules for NIF Begins
  • First Weekly FM&R Carried Out Successfully


  • NIF Spring Maintenance Period Successfully Completed
  • NIF Experiments Resume
  • Successful Tests of the NIF X-ray Spectrometer


  • NIF Shot Rate Ramps Up
  • Spring NIF Maintenance Period Begins


  • Successful “Mini-Campaigns” Demonstrate New NIF Shot Cycle Efficiencies
  • Twenty NIF Experiments Completed in February
  • Ten-Picosecond X-ray Camera Installed on NIF
  • Gray Blockers on NIF’s Lasers Pass an Important Test


  • NIF’s Neutron Yield Continues to Climb; Alpha Heating Yield Exceeds 50 Percent
  • NIF Facility Maintenance & Reconfiguration Period Successfully Completed
  • January Experimental Highlights
  • NIF’s Petawatt Laser System Continues to Make Good Progress