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LLNL and Osaka University Expand Research Partnership

Earlier this year, LLNL and Japan’s Osaka University (OU) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to conduct academic exchange in mutually-agreed areas of basic science and technology. This MOU replaces a previous five-year agreement continuing the successful collaboration in broader areas for an additional five years.

The two organizations met with representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE) at DOE headquarters in Washington, DC, in early July to discuss expanding cooperative research in a variety of areas, including the science of fusion, high energy density science, and lasers. Following this event, the participants reconvened at LLNL for further discussions.

Osaka University Representatives Visit LLNLRepresentatives from LLNL and Osaka University held a two-day visit at the Laboratory to discuss key topics and tour several facilities.

The LLNL visit was hosted by Pat Falcone, the Laboratory’s deputy director for Science & Technology, and Jeff Wisoff, principal associate director for NIF & Photon Science. The Japanese delegation was headed by Ryosuke Kodama, distinguished professor and director for OU’s Institute of Laser Engineering. He was joined by representatives from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japanese Embassy, and Osaka University.

The two-day visit included presentations and posters from both LLNL and OU representatives, plus several laboratory facility tours and a ribbon cutting for the newly-established Osaka University office space in the NIF User Office, as a symbol of the growing relationship between the two organizations. LLNL and Osaka University Representatives Cut RibbonA ribbon cutting was held during the visit for a newly-established Osaka University office space in the NIF User Office.