Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


  • MIT Plasma Science Lab Develops NIF Diagnostics
  • Workshop Examines NIF’s Potential for Understanding Giant Planets
  • John Edwards Elected APS Fellow
  • Deadline Approaching to Register for NIF User Group Meeting
  • Using Radiation to Stabilize Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Growth
  • Mike Dunne Receives FPA Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award
  • Fusion Energy Expectations Highlighted at FPA Meeting
  • Under Secretary of State Tauscher Visits NIF


  • DOE Reports on Basic Research Directions for NIF User Science
  • Student/Postdoc Support Available for NIF User Group Meeting
  • Minority Leader Pelosi Visits NIF
  • Master Oscillator Room Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary
  • Steve MacLaren Receives NNSA Defense Programs Award
  • NIF and Lasers Highlighted at Bay Area Science Festival
  • Compression Experiments, NIC Progress Featured at APS/DPP Meeting
  • Target Alignment Sensor Alignment Station Moves to OSB
  • Using a Diode Array to Simulate a Directed-Energy Weapon-class Laser
  • NIF&PS Ice Cream Social Honors George Miller
  • Chris Barty Discusses Nuclear Photonics and Petawatt Lasers
  • LLNL, Korean University to Collaborate on Laser Fusion Research
  • Missile Defense Agency Pays a "Home Visit" to NIF
  • NIF Beampath Team Receives Jacobs "BeyondZero" Safety Award


  • A New Mission for LLNL's "Peening Laser"
  • Mitigating Raman Scattering in Laser Crystals
  • Information Technology Described at Open World
  • International Laser Operations Workshop
  • MEGa-ray Technology Discussed
  • 10th Anniversary of NIF Milestones Celebrated
  • Synchrotron Aids Study of Fused Silica Breakdown
  • NIF's Role in Stockpile Stewardship Discussed
  • LLNL's Role in Fusion Energy Described


  • UK and LIFE Agree to Collaborate on Laser Fusion
  • LLNL's Fiber Draw Tower Draws Its First Fiber
  • Liquid Deuterium Shock Timing Experiments
  • NIC, LIFE Featured at IFSA 2011
  • Bruce Remington Receives Edward Teller Medal
  • U.S. and Russia Hold Joint ICF Workshop
  • MEGa-ray Test Station Described at Conference
  • Radiochemical Gas Analysis System Installed
  • LLNL and NIF Host Ultrafast Optics Conference
  • LLNL Gratings Enable Petawatt Laser System
  • Path to Ignition Described at QuAMP 2011
  • CEA and LLNL Researchers Discuss Radiation Effects


  • New Target Fabrication Facility Nears Completion
  • Ignition Tuning Campaign Study Concludes
  • Advanced Materials Needed for LIFE Lasers
  • Wavefront Aberrations and ARC Adaptive Optics
  • Laser-driven Material Dynamics Experiments on NIF
  • Capsule Implosion Instabilities Discussed
  • Improving Simulations of Ignition Capsules
  • NIC Papers Were Among Most-Downloaded in June
  • Congress Briefed on Fusion Energy
  • New LIFE Website Debuts
  • Experiment Validates NIF Target Simulation Code
  • Phase Instabilities and Damage in Fused Silica Optics
  • NIF Can Shed Light on Supernova Explosions
  • NIF Diagnostics for High-Yield Experiments


  • LIFE Papers Detail Plans for Laser Fusion Energy
  • A Faster X-ray Camera for NIF
  • Capsule Shell Conditions in Laser-Driven Implosions
  • Noted Photographer Captures NIC Preparations
  • Laser-Energy "Maps" Predict NIF Optics Lifetimes
  • MEGa-ray Research Highlighted at INMM Meeting
  • NIF Vacuum Systems Described at ORNL Workshop
  • Ultra-Thin Membrane Optic for Orbital Surveillance
  • LIFE Reviewed by Electric Power Research Institute
  • Lindl and Rosen Honored with DMTS Designation


  • Papers Describe Path to NIC Fusion Experiments
  • HED Science "Campus" Opens for Business
  • Key Diagnostics Acquire Important Fuel Capsule Data
  • Ribbon Shape Improves Capabilities of Fiber Lasers
  • SLIDER Light Deflector Wins R&D 100 Award
  • Researchers Participate in ICOPS/SOFE Conferences
  • Committee Reviews Science Experiments on NIF
  • Cutting-Edge Control and Data Systems Described
  • Powering Lasers with New Battery Technologies
  • Members of Congress, Peter Gabriel Visit NIF


  • Designing Targets for the National Ignition Campaign
  • Workshop Develops 10-Year Plan for NIF Science
  • Gamma Rays Search for Concealed Nuclear Threats
  • Workshop Plans Next Phase of NIF Diagnostics
  • Scientific American Profiles LLNL's "Radical Energy Solution"
  • Symmetry Tuning for Ignition Capsules Via the Symcap Technique
  • Efficient 4th-Harmonic Laser Frequency Conversion


  • Gearing Up for Experiments on NIF
  • NIF Upgrade Will Result in Higher Peak Power
  • An Improved Model for Simulating Ignition Targets
  • Installation of MEGa-ray Test Stand Begins
  • Fusion Target Physics Panel Briefed on LIFE and NIF
  • NIF&PS Papers Win Recognition
  • MIT Plasma Science Lab Develops NIF Diagnostics
  • Researchers Co-author Plasma Physics Text Update
  • NIF Greeted More than 4,500 Visitors in 2010


  • NIF Achieves Record Ramp-Compression Pressure
  • Aligning the NIF Optical Systems
  • Fabrication of Mitigation Pits for Improving Laser Damage Resistance
  • Improving Surface Figure and Laser Damage Resistance of Silica Surfaces


  • NIF Reaches Ignition-Level Radiation Temperatures
  • Developing New Applications for Fiber Lasers
  • Japanese Symposium Examines HED Research on NIF
  • Improving Laser Damage Resistance in NIF Optics
  • Diamond X-ray Detector Deployed on NIF


  • NIF & PS Research Highlighted at Photonics West
  • Fusion Energy Study Committee Holds 2nd Meeting
  • Abdul Awwal Elected a Fellow of OSA
  • Phasing ARC Laser Beams with Different Dispersions
  • Applications of LLNL's MEGA-ray Source
  • NIF and Astrophysical Nucleosynthesis


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