Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


ARC Beamlet Profiles

NIF Petawatt Laser
Is on Track to Completion

The Advanced Radiographic Capability (ARC), a petawatt-class laser now being developed for NIF, is moving rapidly along the path to completion and commissioning....


Star-forming Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula

Discovery Science on NIF:
Exploring the Physics of Star Formation

For the past several years, astronomers at the University of Maryland and theorists and experimentalists at LLNL have investigated the origin and dynamics of star-forming structures such as the famous “Pillars of Creation” in the Eagle Nebula...


Technicians Install Shroud Assembly

Plans to Increase NIF’s Shot Rate Capability Described

Planning, scheduling, and efficiency changes designed to increase NIF’s productivity were discussed by Acting NIF&PS Principal Associate Director Jeff Wisoff in Directorate All-Hands meetings on March 12...


Image of NIF Hohlraum

Nature Article Reports on Fuel Gain
Achieved During NIF High-Foot Experiments

An article in the Feb. 12 online issue of the journal Nature reports that fusion fuel gains exceeding unity have been achieved for the first time on any facility....


Image of Photobeam

LLNL’s MEGa-ray Test Station
Produces Its First Photoelectrons

A key component of LLNL’s mono-energetic gamma ray (MEGa-ray) light source test station is now operational...