Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


NIF and JLF User Groups Meet

The annual joint NIF User Group (NUG) and Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF) User Group meeting was held Feb. 8-11 at the Bella Rosa event center in Livermore,User Group Members NetworkUser Group members network during the meeting. the first off-site location for the meeting. LLNL researchers briefed 180 users from around the world on recent experiments conducted on NIF and JLF and the capabilities of the facilities and the future plans for them. The users provided input on new directions and networked with others in their fields.

The NUG Executive Committee commended NIF leadership for the significant increase in opportunities for Discovery Science experiments on the NIF. “The meeting provided insightful discussion of the future of Jupiter,” said JLF Director Bob Cauble, “noting in particular that first-rate HED (high energy density) science combined with accessibility and flexibility make JLF unique. Suggestions were made for significant improvements on one- and three-year timeframes.”

Awards for best posters were given to postdocs Hans Rinderknecht of MIT (1st), Petros Tzeferacos of the University of Chicago (2nd), and Marianna Baberio, Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (3rd ). Graduate student awards went to Joseph Cross of the University of Oxford (1st), Ginevra Cochran of Ohio State University (2nd), and Raphael Riquier, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (3rd).

Poster Award WinnersNIF User Group Chair Don Lamb of the University of Chicago (left) with poster award winners (from left) Hans Rinderknecht, Petros Tzeferacos, Joseph Cross, Ginevra Cochran, Raphael Riquier, and Marianna Baberio.