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      Lake Tahoe

The High Energy Class Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers (HEC-DPSSL) Workshop

is devoted to the development of HEC-DPSSLs worldwide as an enabling technology for applications such as inertial fusion energy, particle production (electrons, protons, neutrons, ions), radiation production (x-rays, gamma rays), high-energy-density science, shock physics and material science, and the use of these types of lasers for commercial applications. This is the seventh workshop. The workshop is held roughly every 18-24 months and is hosted by institutions that lead this capability worldwide. The HEC-DPSSL workshop offers a forum for discussion of results, issues, materials, and methods to enable future progress in this field.

Lasers that fall into this class produce > 1 J/pulse, have pulselengths in the fs — 10s ns regime, repetition rates between 1 shot/min and kHz. This class of laser must simultaneously address issues associated with propagating a high-intensity/high-fluence laser through an optical system and average power thermal loading. The high energy and average power nature of these laser systems typically necessitate diode pumping for reliability, repetition rate, and/or efficiency. In an era when the cost of energy is high, the wallplug efficiency of HEC-DPSSL systems vs traditionial flashlamp-pumped systems becomes very apparent. Topics covered during the workshop sessions are defined by submitted abstracts, thereby following progress, issues, and hot topics that need to be explained.

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