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Time Session Title First Name Last Name Talk Title
8:00 Registration / Breakfast
9:00 Welcome Andy Bayramian  
9:15 Introduction Mike Dunne  
9:30 Overview session Paul Mason DiPOLE - An Efficient and Scalable HEC-DPSSL System
10:00 Marco Hornung Status of the POLARIS laser system
10:30 Mathias Siebold Current status of the Penelope project
11:00 Junji Kawanaka Conceptual design of Sub-Exa-Watts OPCPA System -Gekko-EXA
11:30 Sandro Klingebiel The Petawatt Field Synthesizer-towards high energy few-cycle pulses
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Jean Christope Chanteloup Lucia Laser chain updated status
14:00 Antonio Lucianetti HiLASE cryogenically cooled multi-slab amplifier prototype operating at 100J/10 Hz
14:30 Mike Dunne Status of the NIC on NIF and the path to inertial fusion energy
15:00 Andy Bayramian Progress towards a Compact Laser Driver for Laser Inertial Fusion Energy
15:30 Break
16:00 High power Diode Arrays Paul Crump Cryolaser: Innovative cryogenic diode laser bars optimized for emerging ultra-high power laser applications
16:30 Ryan Feeler Laser Diode Arrays for High-Energy Laser Systems
17:00 Andreas Kohl Ultra High Brightness Laser Diode Arrays for Pumping of Solid State Lasers
17:30 Manoj Kanskar High Efficiency kW-class QCW 88x nm Diode Laser Bars
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Reception


Time Session Title First Name Last Name Talk Title
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Laser Gain media Markus Löeser High–energy, Yb:LuAG and Yb:YAG active mirror amplifiers
9:00 Ivan Mukhin High efficient cryogenic disk laser with sub–joule energy level and kilohertz repetition rate
9:30 Viktor Zelenogorskii Investigation of spectroscopic properties and laser oscillation of oxides ceramics manufactured with SHS–MS method
10:00 Break
10:15 Al Erlandson Comparison of Nd:phosphate glass, Yb:YAG and Yb:S–FAP laser beamlines for laser inertial fusion energy
10:45 Mikayel Arzakantsyan Gradually Doped and Large Diameter Yb3+ Doped YAG Crystals for High Power Solid State Laser Applications
11:15 Daniel Albach Comparison of large size Yb3+:YAG ceramics and crystals
11:45 Lunch
13:00 OPA/CPA development Hiroaki Furuse 1 J, 100 Hz GENBU–Front End Laser System with Multi–TRAMs
13:30 Ryo Yasuhara Efficient second harmonic generation with pico–seconds pulses from a chirping TRAM regenerative amplifier
14:00 Junji Kawanaka Ultra–Broadband Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification with partially deutrated KDP crystal
14:30 Sebastian Keppler Multipass Amplifiers of POLARIS
15:00 Break
15:15 Architecture / Thermal Modeling Paul Mason Design of a Multi–pass Extraction Architecture for the DiPOLE Prototype Amplifier
15:45 Magdalena Sawicka Numerical evaluation of ASE, heat generation and energy extraction in a 100 J cryogenically cooled multi–slab amplifier operating at 10 Hz for HiLASE Project
16:15 Hiroaki Furuse Thermal Analysis of Cryogenic Yb:YAG TRAM laser for High–Average Power Systems
16:45 Jay Doster DPSS Amplifiers for High–Energy Applications
17:15 Break
17:30 Non linear optics Takashi Sekine High energy class second harmonics generation from CLBO crystal by 20–J DPSSL
18:00 Mark Henesian High average power frequency conversion
18:30 Dinner      
20:00 Reception      


Time Session Title First Name Last Name Talk Title
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Amplifier systems Jörg Körner Cryogenically Cooled Laser Amplifiers
9:00 Joachim Hein Diode Laser Pump Engines
9:30 Break
9:45 Thierry Novo Lucia cryogenic amplifier head concept and qualification
10:15 Christoph Wandt Diode–pumped, active–mirror Yb:YAG imaging multi–pass amplification to the 1J–level
10:45 Antoine Courjaud Tunable millijoule sources from nanosecond to femtosecond regime, based on Yb:CaF2
11:15 Allan Wirth Advances in Wavefront Control for High Energy Laser Applications
11:45 Robust Optics Jeff Bude Improved optical performance for optical materials in high fluence applications
12:15 Closing remarks All    


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