NIF and JLF User Group Meeting 2013


updated 02/08/2013

FEBRUARY 10 -13, 2013

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Sunday, February 10
5:00 pm Registration Begins
Please note: This is a NEW location, the
Pleasanton Marriot

11950 Dublin Canyon Road
Pleasanton, California, USA 94588 USA
Pleasanton Marriot, Pleasanton
5:00 - 8:00 pm Reception /Check-in Pleasanton Marriot, Pleasanton
Monday, February 11
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
Registration Continues
LLNL B543 Atrium
  Opening Session - Session Chair: C. Keane (LLNL)
8:30 am Welcome:
Chair, NIF User Group
Interim Chair, JLF User Group
NIF Director, LLNL Download PDF
NNSA and
DOE Office of Science
B543 Auditorium
Justin Wark
Carolyn Kuranz
Ed Moses
Kirk Levedahl
Sean Finnegan
9:00 am Status of the NIF and NIF Platforms Download PDF Jeff Atherton/Warren Hsing
9:45 am Excited State Nuclear Science on the NIF Download PDF Dennis McNabb



  NIF Experiments
Session Chair: Chris Keane, LLNL
B543 Auditorium
10:45 am MIT Experiments on the NIF – Opportunities for Ride Alongs Download PDF Rich Petrasso
11:15 am Exploring Giant Planets with the NIF Raymond Jeanloz
11:45 am Radiative Shock Waves from Implosions on the NIF Download PDF Art Pak

12:15 pm

Group Photo / Lunch

B543 Atrium
  Status of Fundamental Science on NIF
Session Chair: J. Wark, University of Oxford
B543 Auditorium
1:00 pm Status of the NIF Fundamental Science Program Bob Rosner
1:30 pm Fundamental Science – The Path Forward Download PDF Chris Keane
2:00 pm Discussions — of the Science Program and Formal NUG Business Bob Rosner
Chris Keane

3:00 - 5:00 pm

Poster Session I

  B543 Auditorium
Tuesday, February 12
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
Registration Continues
B543 Atrium
8:00 am Opening Remarks
   University of Michigan
B543 Auditorium
Carolyn Kuranz
William Goldstein
  Jupiter Experiments I
Session Chair: Carolyn Kuranz, JLF User Grolup
B543 Auditorium
8:15 am In-situ X-ray Diffraction Diagnostics Development on the Janus Laser Andy Higginbotham
8:45 am The Thermodynamics of Planetary Impact Events, Rich Kraus
9:15 am High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Velocimetry Measurements on Janus Ray Smith

9:45 am


  Jupiter Experiments II
Session Chair: Bob Cauble, LLNL
B543 Auditorium
10:15 am Laser Wakefield Acceleration of Electrons at the Jupiter Laser Facility Bradley Pollock
10:45 am Effects of Target Material on Fast Electron Transport and Magnetic Collimation Download PDF Mingsheng Wei
11:15 am Fielding DIXI ­ a New X-ray Framing Camera for the NIF ­ at JLF Download PDF Sabrina Nagel

11:45 am


B543 Atrium
  JLF User Meeting
Session Chair: Carolyn Kuranz
B543 Auditorium
12:45 pm Status of the Jupiter Laser Facility + Overview of Past Science Download PDF Bob Cauble
1:15 pm Formation and Organization of the JLF User Group and Discussion of User Needs Carolyn Kuranz

3:15 - 5:30 pm

Poster Session II

  B543 Atrium
5:30 pm Adjourn to Banquet  
6:00 pm Banquet Wente Vineyards, Livermore
Wednesday, February 13
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
Registration Continues
B543 Atrium
8:00 am Opening Remarks
   University of Oxford
   Director for Physical & Life Sciences, LLNL
B543 Auditorium
Justin Wark
Glenn Fox
  NIF Ignition & NIF/JLF Young Researcher Forum
Session Chair: Hye-Sook Park, LLNL
B543 Auditorium
8:15 am Status of the NIF Ignition Program Download PDF John Edwards
9:00 am Outcomes/Lessons from the "Science of Ignition on the NIF Report" Download PDF Bill Goldstein
9:45 am NIF/JLF Young Researcher Forumr Tammy Ma

10:45 am


  NIF User Discussion
Session Chair: Justin Wark
B543 Auditorium
11:00 am Introduction
User IT Resources, Website and Demonstration Download PDF
Jeff Atherton
Chris Keane, Allan Casey
12:00 pm Opportunities for NIF/Academic Collaborations
Chris Keane
12:30 pm Summary/Wrap up Discussion Chris Keane, Justin Wark

12:40 pm


 B543 Atrium
1:30 - 4:00 pm NIF and JLF Tours  
4:00 pm Adjourn  


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