NIF User Group Meeting 2012


updated 02/10/2012

FEBRUARY 12 -15, 2012

Sunday, February 12
3:00 pm Registration Begins Hilton Garden Inn, Livermore
5:00 - 8:00 pm Reception /Check-in  
Monday, February 13
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
Registration Continues
LLNL B543 Atrium
  Opening Session - Session Chair: C. Keane (LLNL)
8:30 am Welcome: J. Wark (Interim Chair - NIF User Group)
LLNL, NNSA and DOE Office of Science
B543 Auditorium
9:20 am NIF Science,” J. Sarrao (LANL)  
10:00 am NIF and JLF Tours B581, B174

12:00 pm

Group Photo / Lunch

B543 Atrium
  NIF Experiments and Related Research I
Complementary Facilities I
Session Chair: J. Wark (University of Oxford)
1:00 pm “Supernova Hydrodynamics: The effect of radiative shock on hydrodynamics instabilities,” C. Kuranz (University of Michigan)  
1:30 pm Compression of diamond at NIF,” T. Duffy (Princeton University)  
2:00 pm "Probing highly compressed degenerate matter and matter at extreme Gbar pressures at NIF," A. Kritcher (LLNL)  
2:30 pm OMEGA Laser User Group Perspective,” R. Petrasso (MIT)  

3:00 pm


  NIF Experiments and Related Research II
Session Chair: H. Hermann (LANL)
3:30 pm "Towards Collisionless shock experiments, generation of astrophysical magnetic fields and particle acceleration on the National Ignition Facility," G. Gregori (University of Oxford) B543 Auditorium
4:00 pm "Supernova shock physics and mixing studies on NIF,"
T. Plewa (Florida State University)
4:30 pm "Highly nonlinear ablative Rayleigh Taylor instability experiments on NIF," A. Casner (CEA)  
5:00 pm Adjourn to Banquet  
5:30 pm Banquet Casa Real, Pleasanton
Tuesday, February 14
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
Registration Continues
B543 Atrium
8:00 am Opening Remarks
J. Wark (University of Oxford)
W. Goldstein (LLNL)
PLS Associate Director
B543 Auditorium
  NIF Capability Overview
Complementary Facilities II
Session Chair: H. Park (LLNL)
8:15 am Science on Jupiter Laser Facility,” R. Cauble (LLNL) B543 Auditorium
8:45 am NIF laser capabilities,” C. Haynam (LLNL)  
9:15 am Target fabrication capabilities," A. Hamza (LLNL)  
9:45 am NIF experimental platforms,” W. Hsing (LLNL)  
10:15 am NIF diagnostics,” J. Kilkenny (GA)  
10:45 am Discussion of User Needs
Moderator: J. Wark (University of Oxford)

11:30 am


B543 Atrium
  Enabling Capabilities and Future Directions
Session Chair: A. Casner (CEA)

B543 Auditorium
12:30 pm "The FLASH Code," D. Lamb (Univ. of Chicago)  
1:00pm "The CRASH Code," K. Powell (Univ. of Michigan)  
1:30 pm “NIF Ignition Campaign,” S. Glenzer (LLNL)  
2:30 pm "Potential NIF Experiments relevant to LIFE," M. Dunne (LLNL)  

3:00 pm

Break and poster setup

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Poster Session B543 Atrium
Wednesday, February 15
7:30 am Continental Breakfast
Registration Continues
B543 Atrium
8:00 am Opening Remarks
J. Wark (University of Oxford)
T. Diaz de la Rubia (LLNL) Deputy Director for Science and Technology
B543 Auditorium
  NIF Experiments and Related Research III
Session Chair: M. Wei (GA)
8:15 am

"Low-energy neutrons and the prospects for nucleosynthesis cross-section measurements using NIF," L. Bernstein (LLNL)

8:30 am "NIF science experiments on relativistic electron-positron plasma creation,” H. Chen (LLNL)  
9:00 am X-ray diffraction on NIF,” J. Eggert (LLNL)  
9:30 am "Using NIF to explore properties of Hydrogen at TPa pressures," R. Jeanloz (UC Berkeley)/P. Celliers (LLNL)  

10:00 am


10:30 am User panel discussion
Moderators: J. Wark (University of Oxford),
                   P. Drake  (University of Michigan)

12:30 pm


 B543 Atrium
1:30 pm Wrap-up/Action Items  
3:00 pm Adjourn  


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