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Workshop on the Science of Fusion Ignition on NIF
(May 22-24, 2012)
San Ramon Marriott, San Ramon, CA

The National Ignition Campaign (NIC) has led to a wealth of exquisite scientific data that has been acquired at conditions never before achieved in the laboratory.  Experimental campaigns have demonstrated superb control of high-energy-density matter. New phenomena that have been observed include plasma-mediated cross-beam power transfer, suppression of Raman backscattering, and non-LTE (local thermodynamic
equilibrium) hohlraum kinetics. Measurements have also hinted at new, unanticipated physics, including possible equation-of-state, opacity, kinetic, hydrodynamic, and nuclear anomalies.

This international workshop was organized to discuss the science that has been learned in the National Ignition Campaign, identify new science questions that have arisen, and begin to extend the lines of experimental and theoretical inquiry that would build on and address these questions over a multi-year time frame.

The workshop's goals were to:

  • Engage and expand the community of scientists interested in exploring science of ignition on NIF,
  • Form the basis for future efforts to explore the underlying physics needed to understand ignition designs for a range of applications,
  • Identify paths leading to improved integrated design capabilities, and
  • Maximize the utility of NIC results for broader ICF/IFE community.
Science of Fusion Ignition on NIF
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