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ARC Laser Gallery
Advanced Radiographic Capability (ARC) Laser
A petawatt-class quad of beams in NIF called ARC is now being commissioned. NIF’s ARC uses and extends LLNL’s expertise in high-energy petawatt lasers to enable multiframe, hard-x-ray radiography of imploding NIF capsules—a capability that is critical to the success of NIF’s mission.
High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS)
HAPLS is designed to reach a peak power exceeding one petawatt at a repetition rate of 10 times per second to deliver intensities on target up to 1023 watts per square centimeter. Achieving this intensity would open up entirely new areas of laser–matter investigation, enable new applications of laser-driven x rays and particles, and for the first time allow researchers to study laser interactions with the sea of virtual particles that comprise a vacuum.
Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF)
JLF is an institutional user facility in the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate at LLNL. The facility is designed to provide a high degree of experimental flexibility and high laser shot rates, and to allow direct user operation of experiments.
Short-Pulse Laser Breakthrough
Nobelist's Invention Helped Spark LLNL's Short-pulse Laser Breakthroughs
The Nobel Prize-winning research by Donna Strickland, a former staff scientist in LLNL’s Laser Programs Directorate, was instrumental in the Laboratory’s development of a series of groundbreaking short-pulse, high-energy laser systems over the past two decades.

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