2023 Awarded Campaigns

The 2023 selection of 11 Discovery Science projects spans astrophysics, planetary science, nuclear science, and high-energy particle generation.

Ionization in Dense Plasmas
Two-neutron capture in a DT layered shot
Roger Falcone,
UC Berkeley
Turbulent Formation of Stars
Ion acceleration in Magnetized collisionless shocks
Seth Davidovits,
S-Process Nuclei in a Plasma Environment
Nuclear cross sections in stellar evolution
Brian Applelbe,
Imperial College
Iron Photoionized Plasmas Relevant to Accretion Disks
Iron photoionized plasmas relevant to accretion disks
Roberto Mancini
Univ. of Nevada, Reno
Ultra-Bright MeV Photon Sources
MHD in magnetized plasmas
Fabrizio Consoli
ENEA - Centro
Ricerche Frascati
Ultra-High Power Beam Generation
Superionic water ices
Patrick Poole,
Enhanced Proton Isochoric Heating Platform
(r,T, Z) measurements of colliding shocks in HDC
Raspberry Simpson,
Advancing Atomic Physics at Gbar Pressure
Silicate structures at super-Earth interior conditions
Tilo Doeppner,
Particle Acceleration in Quasi-Perpendicular Collisionless Shocks
Transport processes in turbulent magnetized plasmas
Frederico Fiuza,
University of Lisbon
Pressure-Induced Phase Transformations of SiO2
Chemistry under extreme conditions: phase transitions in NaCI
Michelle Marshall
High-Brilliance Gamma-Ray Sources
Scaling of shock-driven flows over orders of magnitude
Nuno Lemos,