Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


  • NIF Petawatt Laser Is on the Fast Track to Completion
  • First Isotope-Specific Radiograph Using MEGa-rays Produced
  • NIF&PS Directorate Review Committee Meets
  • Optical Thomson Scattering Workshop
  • HED Council Discusses NIF FY2015 Experimental Plan
  • Workshop Examines Hydrodynamic Instabilities and Mixing on NIF
  • 2D Radiography of Imploding NIF Capsules Described in Physical Review Letters
  • Multiple-beam Laser–plasma Interactions in Inertial Confinement Fusion
  • Seminars Explore Uses of High-Power Lasers in Physics Research
  • Astrophysics-relevant Research on HED Facilities Described


  • Discovery Science on NIF: Exploring the Physics of Star Formation
  • Article on MOIRE Optics on Cover of Applied Optics
  • Mode 1 Drive Asymmetry in NIF Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions
  • Metrics for Long-Wavelength Asymmetries in NIF Implosions
  • Observations of Continuum Depression in Warm Dense Matter
  • Science on NIF Technical Review Committee Meets
  • Siegfried Glenzer Receives E.O. Lawrence Award for His Work at NIF


  • Plans to Increase NIF’s Shot Rate Capability Described
  • Study of Target Capsule Seed Crystals on Journal of Applied Physics Cover
  • Mitigating High-Fluence Laser Damage Precursors in Fused Silica Optics
  • Novel NIF X-ray Drive Measurements Reported in Physical Review Letters
  • Study of Laser-induced Damage in DKDP Crystals Reported in Journal of Applied Physics
  • Laser-Driven Extreme-Compression Experiments Described at APS Meeting
  • HAPLS Diode Power Delivery System Components Demonstrated


  • Nature Article Reports on Fuel Gain Achieved During NIF High-Foot Experiments
  • Results of Initial High-Foot Experiments Also Reported in Physical Review Letters
  • NIF Shock Timing Measurements and Analysis Described in Physics of Plasmas
  • An Optimized Beryllium Capsule Design for NIF Implosions
  • Study of “Native” Laser Damage Precursors Described in Optics Express
  • NIF and Jupiter Laser Facility User Groups Meet
  • LLNL Partners with Femtolasers on HAPLS Short-Pulse Front-End
  • NIF Visitors: Princess Maha Chakri Strindhorn of Thailand and Thai officials


  • LLNL’s MEGa-ray Test Station Produces Its First Photoelectrons
  • Report on Ablator-Gas Mix in NIF Implosions is on Physical Review Letters Cover
  • E23-HAPLS Laser Project Moves Forward
  • Nodular Defect Planarization Increases Laser Mirror Damage Resistance
  • Dynamics of Ejected Material Following Laser-induced Damage
  • Peg Folta Featured On DOE’s Women@Energy Website
  • NIF Implosion Design Earns Honor for Student Researcher