Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


  • Study of the Betatron X-Ray Spectrum Reported in Physical Review Letters
  • John Edwards Briefs Fusion Power Associates on NIF Progress and Plans
  • Supercomputers Will Simulate NIF Laser-Plasma Interactions
  • NIF 120-Day Study Committee Meets
  • Studying Materials Dynamically Compressed to More than 1 Megabar
  • Effect of Early-Time Cross-Beam Energy Transfer Described
  • NIF&PS Team Helps Make Holidays Bright
  • TeamNIF Members Receive Lean Six Sigma Certification
  • NIF Visitors: Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and members of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board


  • Record-Yield NIF Experiments Discussed at Plasma Physics Meeting
  • NIF-CEA Workshop Examines Results of Recent Experiments
  • Two NIF&PS Teams Receive 2013 Science & Technology Awards
  • Lab Systems Team Receives Center of Excellence Award
  • Photo of the Month: NIF transport mirror damage mitigation


  • Ed Moses Announces His Next Challenge
  • Laser-to-X-ray Conversion Efficiency Enhancement Reported
  • John Moody, Prav Patel Named APS Fellows
  • LLNL and NIF Host ICALEPCS 2013
  • NIF&PS Radiation Waste Reduction Efforts Recognized by NNSA
  • Chris Barty Gives His First "Distinguished Lecturer" Talks
  • Solid-state Framing Camera with Multiple Time Frames
  • Lasers, Optics and Computers Highlighted at EYH Conference
  • NIF Visitors: JET Propulsion Lab Director, HAPLS Team


  • LLNL to Build Next-Generation European Laser Project
  • NIF's Progress and Promise Discussed at IFSA Conference
  • Laser-plasma Interaction Physics of Indirect-drive Fusion
  • NNSA Hosts Target Fabrication Industry Day
  • Inertial Fusion Energy Discussed at Fusion Nuclear Technology Symposium
  • LLNL Optics Research Featured at Laser Damage Symposium
  • Ultrafast Short-pulse Fiber Laser Described in Optics Letters
  • NIF's Tritium Processing System Minimizes Releases and Saves Money
  • NIF Visitors: UC Regents, DOE/NNSA Operations Council, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)


  • New Model Measures Hydrodynamic Mix in ICF Implosions
  • First Measurements of Shock Waves in DT Layered Implosions
  • 2013 R&D 100 Submissions Celebrated
  • LLNL Researchers Participate in SPIE Optics+Photonics Conference
  • Diamond Capsule Implosion Experiments Reviewed
  • Simulations Test the Effects of Imposed Magnetic Fields on ICF Implosions
  • NIF Visitors: Harold Brown, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Discovery Channel, Structural Mechanics Conference


  • Two NIF&PS Technologies Win R&D 100 Awards
  • Progress Toward Ignition on NIF Reported in Physics of Plasmas Cover Article
  • Using Raman Backscatter as a Remote Laser Power Sensor
  • NIF Ignition Experiments Discussed at European Physical Society Conference
  • Ramp Compression of Iron to 273 GPa reported in Journal of Applied Physics
  • LLNL Welcomes Ultrahigh-Energy Laser Researchers
  • Laboratory Co-sponsors Anomalous Absorption Conference
  • NNSA Conducts an Ignition Strategic Review
  • Studies of Hot-spot Mix in Ignition-scale NIF Implosions Reported
  • John Murray Obituary Appears on Physics Today Website
  • NIF Visitors: Congressman Chaka Fattah, Phyllis Rothrock, California Assembly Members


  • NIF Radiological Operations Improvements Save Time, Cut Costs, and Reduce Waste
  • LLNL Researchers Report on NIF Optics Technologies
  • Effects of Thermal Annealing on Fused Silica Damage Sites
  • IFE Highlighted at Special CLEO Symposium
  • NIF Management Advisory Committee Holds First Meeting
  • ICF/HEDSS Peer Review Panel Meets
  • NIF and IFE Updates Presented at Fusion Engineering Symposium
  • LLNL HED Science Described at Pulsed Power & Plasma Science Conference
  • NIF Visitors: Defense Science Study Group


  • Workshops Review Steps on the Path to Ignition
  • Selective Mode Amplification in Ribbon-core Optical Fibers
  • NIF Implosions at Ignition-Relevant Velocities Described in Physics of Plasmas
  • LLNL Gamma-ray Technology Featured at Particle Accelerator Conference
  • LLNL Hosts International Laser Operations Workshop
  • Chris Barty Discusses LLNL's Role in Nuclear Photonics at CLEO/Europe-IQEC
  • ICF National Diagnostic Working Group Meets
  • Hohlraum Physics Working Group Plans International Collaborations
  • Radiative Shocks from Spherical Cryogenic NIF Implosions
  • NIF and Inertial Fusion Energy Discussed at ICENES 2013
  • Backlit Imaging of Axially Symmetric ICF Plasmas Reported in Applied Optics
  • History Channel Documentary on 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' Features NIF
  • Ambassador Toshiyuki Takano Visits NIF


  • Jeff Atherton Named NIF Director
  • NIF's Electric Power Supply Gets an Upgrade
  • LLNL Physics of Plasmas Papers among Most-Cited in 2012
  • Collisionless Coupling of Ion and Electron Temperatures
  • NIF's Journey to an Effective Maintenance Program
  • Precision Mapping of NIF Target Capsules
  • LLNL Researchers Participate in International Conferences
  • Moses Discusses NIF Research at Texas A&M
  • NIF and IFE Highlighted during Sacramento Earth Day Celebration
  • NIF Data Review Workshop
  • Effects of Ion Heating on Crossbeam Energy Transfer
  • Gordon Bell, Rep. Ken Calvert Visit NIF


  • NIF's Radiation-Sniffing Robot Is Ready for Duty
  • Cryo Target Fabrication Team Celebrates 300th "Scale 575" Hohlraum
  • March S&TR Reports on NIF's Pathway to Ignition
  • Bldg. 494 Warehouse Group Celebrates 15 Injury-Free Years
  • NIF&PS Participates in "Day of Innovation" at Fremont Elementary School
  • Ray Beach Honored with DMTS Designation
  • Paper on LLNL's Alkali Vapor Lasers is Among Most-Cited
  • Hohlraum Physics Working Group Holds First Meeting
  • Record Plasma Physics Simulations Conducted on LLNL Supercomputer
  • Peer Review Panel Meets to Review Proposals
  • NIF Streaked Radiography Experiments Reported in Physics of Plasmas
  • Lasers Highlighted at Expanding Your Horizons Conference
  • Sensitivity of NIF Implosions to Radiation Flux Asymmetries Reported
  • Alternate Hohlraum Materials as Inertial Confinement Fusion Targets
  • Descendants of AEC Chairman Lewis Strauss, Japanese Ambassador Nishida Visit NIF


  • Test Station Achieves World-Class X-band Power Levels
  • Patent Issued for Novel Isotope Detector
  • National Academies Recommend "High Priority" IFE Research on NIF
  • NIF Petawatt Laser Moves Onto Fast Track
  • NIF and Jupiter Laser Facility User Groups Meet
  • Progress toward Fusion Energy Described at AAAS Annual Meeting
  • X-Ray Scattering Measurements in Shock-Compressed Aluminum
  • Positron Beam Emittance Produced by Intense Lasers
  • Mode Converter Boosts Power in Rectangular-core Fiber Amplifiers
  • Hydrodynamic Instability Experiments on NIF Discussed at HED Seminar
  • Gen. Dawkins and Science News Reporter Visit NIF
  • Photo of the Month: NIF Capacitor Bay


  • MIT-NIF Team Delivers Key NIF Diagnostics
  • Efforts to Improve NIF Optics Damage Resistance Described
  • Science on NIF Technical Review Committee Meets
  • Effects of Species Separation in Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions
  • SRS and Speckle Interaction in Multi-speckled Laser Beams
  • Moses Reports on NIF&PS Progress and Plans at All-Hands Meetings
  • Dynamics of High-Energy Proton Beam Acceleration Discussed
  • Lab Celebrates Johnny Foster's Contributions to Science and Security
  • NIF&PS "Goes Green" in More Ways Than One
  • Gens. Stoss and Crosier of U.S. STRATCOM Tour NIF


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