Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


  • Former LLNL Scientist Honored for Contributions to Laser Peening


  • Bay Area Science Festival Draws Thousands


  • High-Foot Team Receives NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence
  • Ice Bucket Challenge Launches 2014 HOME Campaign
  • NIF&PS Teams Receive LLNL S&T and Publications Awards
  • Mark Herrmann Named NIF Director
  • Laser Roadshow Featured at Boy Scout STEM Encampment
  • NIF’s “Formula One” Model Receives Operational Excellence Award


  • Susana Reyes Assumes Chair of ANS Fusion Energy Division
  • NIF Researcher at the Frontiers of Engineering
  • MIT’s Mike Rosenberg Earns 2nd NIF-based Ph.D.


  • NIF Wins Over DOE’s Instagram Followers
  • A Productive Summer for NIF&PS Summer Scholars
  • John Edwards Receives Fusion Power Associates Leadership Award


  • Zhi Liao Achieves OSA Senior Member Status


  • Jeff Atherton Named NIF & Photon Science Principal Deputy PAD
  • Chris Barty Wraps Up His Tenure as IEEE Distinguished Lecturer