NIF in the News: Video

Here are some of the video reports about NIF’s Dec. 5, 2022, fusion ignition achievement

CBS News: 2nd nuclear fusion breakthrough could “pave way for future of clean power”
Reuters: US scientists repeat fusion ignition breakthrough
CNN: Inside the nuclear fusion lab trying to replicate the Sun on Earth
KTVU Fox 2: Energy Secretary celebrates fusion ignition and its limitless clean energy potential
KTVU Fox 2: Time names Bay Area physicist one of the most influential people in the world
“60 Minutes,” CBS: Inside the breakthrough that could change our world
Washington Post: Nuclear fusion, explained
Star Talk: Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with NIF’s Bruno Van Wonterghem
CNN: Bill Nye explains nuclear fusion breakthrough
MSNBC: Energy Secretary On America’s ‘Huge Scientific Breakthrough‘
Fox Business: Neil deGrasse Tyson—fusion discovery could change future of energy
The Hill: LLNL Scientist Alex Zylstra Breaks Down Fusion Breakthrough
CBS Chicago: Meet Annie Kritcher, one of the leaders behind fusion breakthrough
Fox 2 St. Louis: Metro East native Mark Herrmann helping with fusion ‘breakthrough.’
LiveNOW from FOX: Physicist Dan Clark explains what it means for the future
NBC Bay Area: Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Stems From Bay Area Lab
KTVU Fox 2 SF: Clean, safe nuclear energy seems possible after scientiffic breakthrough
ABC7 News: Nuclear fusion reaction produced for 1st time in US history
KPIX CBS Bay Area: Fusion breakthrough could change the world of energy production
NOVA PBS: Scientists Make Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion
Wall Street Journal: Nuclear-Fusion Breakthrough: How Long Until Limitless Clean Energy?
MSNBC: World Could Look ‘Very Different’ Thanks To Fusion Breakthrough
MSNBC: Physicist Andrea Kritcher Explains Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough
StarTalk: How Developments In Nuclear Fusion Change Everything
Central Oregon Daily News: Why fusion ignition discovery is a huge deal
Guardian News: Nuclear scientist explains what happened in fusion experiment
CBS News: Scientist explains promise of a nuclear fusion breakthrough
KPIX: Feds confirm historic fusion ignition at LLNL
CBC News: U.S. announces milestone in fusion energy
BNN Bloomberg: We are a long way from a commercial fusion reactor:
CBC News|About That: A nuclear fusion breakthrough
DW News: Breakthrough raises hopes for unlimited clean energy source
FRANCE 24 English: Could nuclear fusion energy help fight climate change?
Global National: Nuclear fusion energy breakthrough paves way a clean power future
Global News: What fusion energy breakthrough means for Alberta’s oil and gas sector
CNET: Watch Expert Explain Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough
ABC News: ‘Holy Grail’ of clean energy?
CBS Chicago: University of Chicago scientist on the future possbilities for fusion ignition
Department of Energy: Secretary Granholm at CES, the consumer electronics show
Stephen Colbert: Many Attempts To Achieve A Fusion Reaction Before The Breakthrough
Saturday Night Live: Fusion Scientist