April 10, 2024

Carolyn Albiston: A Modern Renaissance Woman

By Anashe Bandari

While growing up, Carolyn Albiston was curious about everything imaginable—including sharks, fungi, the science of color, and special relativity—and especially about how all these different topics fit together.

“I made the decision in college to follow a STEM career because I could always indulge my many other interests as hobbies, but having a scientific lab or supercomputer at home would be difficult,” she jokes.

She has been at LLNL—among scientific labs and supercomputers—since 2011, but she traveled a winding road to get here. After her undergraduate studies in chemistry, Albiston earned a master’s in nuclear chemistry, where “all I did was program,” she says.

She noticed that some scientists structured their programming in more effective ways than others. This ignited an interest in learning how to produce better code and led her to begin her career in the software industry.  Read more...