Experience the sights and sounds of the National Ignition Facility and learn more about NIF & Photon Science in our multimedia section. High-resolution images of the facility and videos describing how NIF works are available.


NIF Target Chamber

Photo Gallery

Download high-resolution versions of the images in the photo gallery by clicking "Download high-res image." If you publish or post online these images or reproductions, please credit Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


collage of different posters

Poster Gallery

LLNL artists have created a series of posters proudly celebrating LLNL’s historic Dec. 5, 2022, experiment that achieved fusion ignition. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from that you can download and print.


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Video Gallery

Watch videos showing how NIF works, following a laser pulse from inception through the beamlines to the target. Learn how powerful NIF is, see what happens if beams are combined, and hear NIF-JLF User Group members describe what makes NIF special. Other videos diagram NIF’s Advanced Radiographic Capability laser system.