External Resources

U.S. Fusion Energy
U.S. Fusion Energy
A website with the latest fusion energy news, upcoming events, job opportunities, people behind the science, and background information.
Small Plasma Graphic
About Plasmas and Fusion
A primer on plasmas and fusion from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory with information and links to the world of fusion and plasma physics.
Optics 4 Kids
Learn about optics—the “science of light”—on this Website sponsored by the Optical Society of America. Includes experiments, career information, and resources for teachers and students.

More Information

Ask a Scientist, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Photonics Encyclopedia

International Tokamak Experimental Reactor (ITER)—U.S.

The Particle Adventure

UK Central Laser Facility

Omega Laser Facility, University of Rochester

Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology