Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Distinguised Members of Technical Staff (DMTS) classification, established in 2011, was created to serve as a career ladder for LLNL scientists and engineers within the Science & Engineering classification structure. It appropriately recognizes outstanding science and technology excellence with distinction and compensation while allowing the honored recipients to remain focused on delivering science and engineering solutions to critical mission areas of the Laboratory.

Ray Beach
Raymond J. Beach - 2013
Ray Beach has pioneered many current techniques in the field of high-average-power diode-pumped lasers. Two have played key roles in developing the NIF laser system and are widely used in laser applications: two-dimensional arrays of radiance-conditioned laser diodes and their application to end-pumping laser rods and delivery of laser power through lens ducts to deliver diode pump radiation to the ends of laser rods.
Bruce Remington
Bruce A. Remington - 2012
Bruce Remington has been a staff physicist at LLNL in the Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) Program since 1988 and a group leader since 1996. He and his group work on laser-driven high energy density (HED) fluid instabilities, HED laboratory astrophysics, solid-state dynamics at high pressures and strain rates, and now ICF ignition physics.
Nino Landen
Otto L. Landen - 2012
Otto (Nino) Landen, NIF&PS associate program leader for Target Physics, ICF and HED Science, conducted and led the first demonstrations of indirect-drive time-dependent hohlraum symmetry control at the level required for NIF ignition capsules. He has also invented several new x-ray imaging and spectroscopy techniques for diagnosing dense plasmas as found in ICF.
John Lindl
John D. Lindl - 2011
John Lindl has more than 38 years of exceptional contributions in plasma physics, High Energy Density (HED) physics and Inertial Confinement Fusion research, as well as significant scientific management experience. He is currently serving as the chief scientist for the National Ignition Campaign.