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OSA promotes the generation, application and archiving of knowledge in optics and photonics. Since 1916, OSA has worked to bring together scientists, engineers, educators, technicians and business leaders in the fields of optics and photonics. OSA annually recognizes members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics with election to the class of Fellow. This honor is reserved to no more than 10% of the total membership.


Year Citation
Edward I. Moses 2012 Outstanding technical leadership of the construction, completion and use of the world's largest and most energetic laser system, the National Ignition Facility.
Abdul A. S. Awwal* 2011 Contributions in digital optical computing and pattern recognition and its application in laser beam alignment.
Joseph Nilsen* 2011 Pioneering contributions to the development and understanding of x-ray lasers and their applications.
Raymond J. Beach 2004 Development of diode-pumped solid-state lasers and the micro-channel cooled diode array.
Michael D. Perry* 2000 Pioneering contributions to the development and use of high peak power, ultrashort-pulse lasers.
Stephen A. Payne* 2000 Sustained pioneering contributions to the development of novel lamp and diode pumped solid state laser materials.
Christopher P. J. Barty 2000 Pioneering work related to development of intense short-pulse lasers and x-ray applications.
Luiz B. Da Silva* 1997 Developing x-ray lasers and their application to microscopy, shadowgraphy, and interferometry.
Gary E. Sommargren* 1996 Distinguished services in the advancement of optics.
Dennis L. Matthews* 1996 Citation not available.
John R. Murray* 1993 Citation not available.
William F. Krupe* 1993 Citation not available.
Michael D. Feit 1992 Novel computational techniques for optical propagation.
Ralph R. Jacobs* 1991 In recognition of distinguished service in the advancement of optics.
Jeffrey A. Paisner* 1984 Citation not available.
Marvin J. Weber* 1981 Citation not available.
Richard R. Freeman* 1981 Citation not available.