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American Physical Society (APS) Fellowships recognize those who have made advances in knowledge through original research or have made significant and innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology. Each year, no more than one-half of one percent of APS's current membership is recognized by their peers for election to the status of Fellow. The hundred-year-old society numbers tens of thousands of physicists worldwide.


Year Citation
Hui Chen 2016 Pioneering experimental research on relativistic positron generation using ultraintense short-pulse lasers
Omar Hurricane 2016 Visionary leadership in experiments on the National Ignition Facility laser and innovative work in understanding instabilities in high energy density and inertial confinement fusion plasmas leading to the first laboratory demonstration of an alpha-heating-dominated, thermonuclear plasma producing a fusion energy exceeding its total stored energy
Lee Bernstein 2015 Work developing novel methods of determining neutron-nucleus cross sections via high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, the early development of surrogate ratio method, and the study of nuclear processes in high energy density plasmas at NIF
Stavros Demos 2015 Outstanding contributions using unique optical techniques to understanding the relaxation dynamics of point defects and developing non-invasive biomedical photonics for rapid tissue assessment
Pierre Michel 2015 Outstanding contributions to laser-plasma interaction physics and dynamic multi-laser beam physics enabling symmetry control in indirectly driven inertial confinement fusion implosions
Yuan Ping 2015 Pioneering experiments exploring the nature, equilibration and use of nonequilibrium plasmas strongly driven by coherent and incoherent sources
Vladimir Smalyuk 2015 Seminal contributions to the understanding of hydrodynamic instabilities in inertial confinement fusion using elegant experiments on OMEGA and NIF
Damian Swift 2015 Wide-ranging contributions to shock- and ramp-wave compression experiments using laser, pulsed-power and explosive drivers, and for employing rigorous quantum and statistical mechanical principles to guide the formulation of theoretical solutions to experimental problems
Chris Barty 2014 Pioneering contributions to the advancement of ultrahigh intensity laser science and to the development of laser-based x-ray and gamma-ray science
Ray Beach 2014 Seminal contributions to high-average-power diode-end-pumped lasers, including many breakthroughs, widely adopted by the laser community, that have helped push such lasers to higher average powers and efficiencies, and for leadership in developing diode-pumped alkali-vapor lasers, and models for coherent and incoherent photon echoes
Debbie Callahan 2014 Innovative design and modeling of hohlraums for Inertial Confinement Fusion and leadership in the execution of hohlraum experiments on the National Ignition Facility
Frederic Hartemann 2014 Remarkable insights and significant contributions to the physics of coherent radiation interacting with relativistic electrons
Nobuhiko Izumi 2014 Outstanding contributions to the development of novel neutron and x-ray diagnostic capabilities for inertial confinement fusion experiments
John Moody 2013 Pioneering experiments contributing to understanding propagation, scattering, transmission and redirection of high-intensity laser beams in large scale plasmas for Inertial Confinement Fusion
Pravesh Patel 2013 Pioneering contributions in the science of ultraintense laser-matter interaction and particle acceleration and applications to creating and probing high energy density plasma states, and for his leadership in advancing the fast ignition concept for inertial confinement fusion
Marilyn Schneider 2013 Outstanding contributions to x-ray measurements from laser-produced plasmas
Andris Dimits 2012 Important insights and contributions to the theory and simulation of kinetic turbulent transport in magnetized plasmas, including the effects of self-consistent turbulence-induced velocity shear and Coulomb collisions
John Edwards 2011 Fundamental contributions to hydro-dynamics in high energy density physics, and for his leadership in the National Ignition Campaign on the NIF
Hye-Sook Park 2010 The development of seminal experimental techniques to create and probe plasmas with extreme density and temperature
David K. Bradley 2009 The development and use of high speed optical and X-ray instrumentation to discover new phenomena in high-energy density plasmas.
Scott C. Wilks 2009 Pioneering contributions to the understanding of intense and ultra-intense laser plasma interactions and their applications to high-energy density science, including fast ignition, ion acceleration and positron generation
Andrew J. MacKinnon 2008 Pioneering experimental studies of interactions of intense laser pulses with matter and in particular, the physics and applications of short pulse laser driven proton beams
Peter M. Celliers 2007 Developing a new generation of high-precision ultra-fast diagnostics, which have enabled accurate laboratory measurements of shock compressed condensed matter in the ~1 to 100 Mbar regime
Denise E. Hinkel 2007 Extensive contributions to laser-plasma interaction physics and radiation hydrodynamic design of inertial-confinement fusion targets, and to the fundamental physics of linear and nonlinear wave propagation in plasma
Peter A. Amendt 2006 Seminal contributions to the development of indirectly-driven single- and double- shell inertial confinement fusion physics necessary for the demonstration of laboratory-scale ignition
Gilbert W. Collins 2006 Seminal contributions to the field of high-energy-density physics related to the development and application of novel laser-compression capabilities to measuring ultra -high pressure material properties
Christina A. Back 2004 Quantitative application of x-ray spectroscopy that has advanced the understanding of high-energy-density plasmas in the areas of x-ray hohlraums, radiation transport, and high-efficiency radiation production
Stephen P. Hatchett 2003 For seminal contributions to theory and experiments of implosion physics for inertial confinement fusion and for innovative designs for fast ignition
Nino Landen 2002 Pioneering work in the fields of picosecond laser-plasma interactions, advanced diagnostics, x-ray driven ICF implosions and time-dependent hohlraum symmetry control
Barbara Lasinski 2002 For development and application of particle-in-cell codes for laser-plasma interaction physics and a long series of contributions to the understanding of the physics of targets for high-power laser experiments
Siegfried Glenzer 2001 Development of Thomson Scattering for the diagnostics of high temperature inertial confinement fusion plasmas and for important contributions to understanding of plasma waves, atomic physics, and hydrodynamics of hot dense plasma
David Munro 2001 Seminal contributions to the design of laser-driven Rayleigh-Taylor experiments, and to the analysis and design of shock-timing experiments for cryogenic inertial confinement fusion targets
Joe Nilsen 2000 Outstanding contributions to the understanding and development of x-ray lasers
Mike Key 1999 Experimental work in laser plasma inertial confinement fusion including x-ray laser backlighting and x-ray lasers
Peter Young 1999 Experimental work on filamentation and channel formation of intense laser beams in laser-produced plasma.
Luiz Da Silva 1998 Pioneering use of x-ray lasers and laser generated shock waves to study high density plasmas
Guy Dimonte 1998 Outstanding contributions to understanding turbulence and mixing in high energy density fluids by novel experimental techniques and facilities
Gail Glendinning 1998 Clear and illuminating experimental investigations of ablation-front Rayleigh-Taylor instability, laser imprinting, and nonlinear hydrodynamic instabilities relevant to inertial confinement fusion, high energy-density physics and astrophysics
Max Tabak 1997 For his exceptionally inventive and broad contributions to the fields of laser and particle driven inertial fusion, and in particular, for being the principal inventor of the fast ignitor concept
Charlie Verdon 1997 Developing ICF targets for direct drive that self-consistently incorporate beam smoothing and hydrodynamic stability constraints, and for developing a quantitative understanding of Rayleigh-Taylor instability for direct drive
Bruce Hammel 1996 Measurements and understanding of x-ray driven implosions, x-ray driven hydrodynamic instabilities and x-ray drive asymmetry
Larry Suter 1996 Pioneering work and leadership in the design, modeling, and analysis of experiments using laser heated hohlraums that quantify and control x-ray drive, symmetry, and pulse shaped implosions
George Zimmerman 1996 Creation, and subsequent development, of the LASNEX simulation code, which has been used extensively to guide the development of the National ICF program from its inception, to this day
Brian MacGowan 1995 Developing and demonstrating short wavelength x-ray lasers and for optimizing and characterizing the plasma x-ray amplifier
Bruce Remington 1995 Exceptionally thorough experiments clearly demonstrating the ablative stabilization of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability in x-ray accelerated targets and for quantitative comparison with theory
Steve Haan 1994 Pioneering work in the theory and modeling of hydrodynamic instabilities and mix in Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) targets and for leadership in the design and analysis of ignition and gain in ICF targets
Ralph Jacobs 1994 Fundamental and applied contributions to the research and development for a wide variety of gaseous, solid, and liquid laser media
Don Correll 1993 Active involvement in science education with public audiences, pre-college, and college students and teachers, as well as an effective and committed spokesman for science education
Richard London 1992 Landmark contributions to the physics of x-ray lasers, including elegant and useful models or target evolution, beam propagation and coherence, and the optical wavelength for biological holography
Joe Kilkenny 1990 Significant contributions to the study of energy transport, hydrodynamics, implosion physics, x-ray spectroscopy, and advanced diagnostics of laser-produced plasmas
Paul Drake 1989 Outstanding contributions to the characterization and understanding of laser plasma interactions, particularly stimulated Raman scattering
Mike Feit 1988 Development and implementation of novel and powerful computational techniques with applications to optical propagation physics and the quantum theory of atoms and molecules and for contributing to the fundamental understanding of complex optical waveguiding devices
Kenneth Kulander 1988 Leading the development of time dependent methods for atomic and molecular processes and for the generation of novel treatments of molecular photodissociation now commonly in use
William Mead 1987 Pioneering research and leadership in Inertial Confinement Fusion, including design of intermediate density targets, design and analysis of laser-plasma coupling experiments, and simulations of fluid instabilities and ablation
Edward Williams 1987 Outstanding contributions to the theory of fluctuations, parametric instabilities, and intense electron heat transport in plasmas and to the interpretation of laser plasma experiments
James Albritton 1986 Important contributions to the theory of laser plasma interactions and electron heat transport
Dennis Matthews 1986 Contributions to x-ray spectroscopy of laser heated plasmas and to the development of XUV lasers
Mike Campbell 1985 Citation not available
Mordy Rosen 1985 Citation not available
John Lindl 1984 Developing the theory of laser-plasma interaction in hohlraum targets, invention of ICF reactor targets, contribution to the theory of ablation stabilization, and leadership of the laser target design group
Ray Kidder 1982 Citation not available
Claire Max 1982 Citation not available
Kent Estabrook 1980 Citation not available
Bruce Langdon 1980 Citation not available
John Nuckolls 1979 Citation not available
William Kruer 1978 Citation not available
John Emmett  

Citation not available

Joseph A. Fleck Jr.   Citation not available
Bruce Shore   Citation not available