Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

As a Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory, LLNL tracks achievements recognized by awards from the DOE. These awards span a wide range of accomplishments and include recognition of exemplary programmatic achievements. .


Year Citation
Dexter Lenoir, Rochelle Aguilar, Ramon Martinez, Erik Simmons, Chelle Blocker, Camerino Gutierrez, Joseph Chilton, Janet Cortez, Gary Brown, Judith Juarez, Sobhana Singh, Ronald Washington, Lorraine Rivera, Dana Spence, Myrna Gutierrez, Sharmila Deo, Samuel Fuller, Deanna Peterson, Jim Pryatel, Mitch Neto, and Chuck Ellerbee 2012 NNSA Environmental Award for Innovative Green Cleaning in the NIF Class 10000 clean room
Warren Hsing 2011 NNSA Defense Programs' Employee of the Quarter Award
Dave Eder 2010 Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (OASCR) Award for research visualizations either directly funded by the Office of Science or created on tools provided by that office. The NIF simulation was made using VisIt software.
Christoph Niemann 2008 DOE Plasma Physics Junior Faculty Award
Dustin Froula 2008 DOE Office of Science Outstanding Mentor Award
Rob Broderick, Dan Morgan, Mark Beyer, Leonard Silva, and Vaughn Draggoo 2005 Department of Energy Management Award for Energy Efficiency
Bruno Van Wonterghe and Gail Glendinin and Nick Lanier of LANL 2004 Department of Energy Award of Excellence for the first joint LLNL/LANL experiments on NIF. The experiments involved hydrodynamics, the behavior of fluids of unequal density as they mix.
Stephen Lane, Tom Peyser, Chris Darrow, Natasha Zaitseva, and Joe Satcher 2001 Department of Energy Bright Light Award for developing an implantable sensor to monitor glucose levels in diabetes patients.