Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Under the auspices of the ANS Fusion Energy Division, two Teller Awards are presented biannually. The Medal recognizes pioneering research and leadership in inertial fusion sciences and applications. It is named in honor of Dr. Edward Teller, who was a distinguished physicist, Director Emeritus of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Teller, who died in 2003, is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in inertial fusion sciences. The winners receive a sterling silver medal bearing the likeness of Dr. Teller and a $2000.00 honorarium.


Year Citation
Bruce A. Remington 2011 Pioneering scientific work in the fields of inertial confinement fusion, laboratory astrophysics and high pressure material science and leadership in development of an international effort in high energy density laboratory astrophysics.
Edward I. Moses 2009 Leadership in the development and completion of the National Ignition Facility.
Max Tabak 2005 The first to recognize that separating ignition from compression could enable an entirely new class of ICF targets–the so-called fast ignition process.
Joseph D. Kilkenny 2005 Pioneering work in the field of fusion research with major contributions to experimental inertial fusion, including innovation in instrumentation.
Laurence J. Suter 2003 Seminal work on almost all aspects of laser hohlraum physics.
Mordecai D. Rosen 2001 Major contributions to the development of laboratory soft x-ray lasers, and to the design and analysis of complex experiments carried out on the Nova laser at LLNL.
Steven W. Haan 1999 Pioneering work in the theorgy and modeling of hydrodynamic instabilities and mix in ICF targets and for leadership in the design and analysis of ignition and gain in ICF targets.
Michael H. Key 1997 Leadership in building the world's brightest KrF laser at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory and for major contributions to x-ray laser research.
George Zimmerman 1997 Citation not available
E. Michael Campbell 1995 Citation not available
John D. Lindl 1993 Citation not available
John H. Nuckolls 1991 Citation not available