Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Since 1974, the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer has recognized scientists and engineers at federal government and research centers for their “uncommon creativity and initiative in conveying innovations from their facilities to industry and local government.” Scientists and engineers from more than 650 federal government laboratories and research centers compete for the 30 awards presented each year. Because the number of submissions is based on the total number of employees at each organization, LLNL is limited to four entries per year, which are coordinated by the Industrial Partnerships and Commercialization (IP&C) Office.

The programmatic work of the Directorate is carried out by employees not only in NIF&PS, but by personnel in other Laboratory directorates as well. Regardless of the organizational affiliation of those named in the award, the awards listed below were based on work that was primarily associated the NIF&PS Directorate or its predecessor, the Laser Programs, dating back more than 40 years.

Name Year Citation
Don Sweeney, David Attwood (Lawrence Berkeley), and Richard Stulen (Sandia) 2003 Extreme UltraViolet Lithography Tool
Steven Lane, Tom Peyser, Joe Satcher, Chris Darrow, Natasha Zaitseva, Doug Cary, Kevin O’Brien, and Connie L. Pitcock, 2001 Continuous Glucose Sensor for Diabetes Patients
Lloyd Hackel, Ralph Jacobs, John Wooldridge, Curt Theisen, Daryl Gzybicki 2000 LaserShot Peening System for Treating Metal on Airplanes
Ralph Patterson, James Sommercorn, John Wooldridge, Sarita May 2000 Peregrine Radiation Dose Calculation Therapy System for Treating Cancer
Christopher Lee, Luiz Da Silva, Dean Hadley, James Sommercorn, Abraham Lee, Duncan Maitland, Daniel Schumann, Patrick Fitch 1999 Opto-Mechanical Coil Release for Embolic Coils Inside Cerebral Aneurysms
Stephen P. Vernon, Don R. Kania, Patrick A. Kearney, Swie-in Tan, Richard A. Levesque 1998 Ultra Clean Ion Beam Sputter Deposition System (IBD-350)
Luiz B. Da Silva, Dennis L. Matthews, Peter M. Celliers, Dunan J. Maitland, Richard A. London, Abraham P. Lee, Peter Krulevitch, William J. Benett, J. Patrick Fitch 1998 A Stroke Treatment System to Emulsify Blood Clots and Quickly Restore Blood Flow Following a Stroke
Booth Myers, Hao-Lin Chen, Glenn Meyer, Dino Ciarlo 1997 Sealed-Tube Electron Beam Guns for Material Processing
Luis Zapata, Lloyd Hackel, Damon Matteo 1997 High Power, High Uniformity Diffuse Reflector Technology for a Rapid Thermal Processor
Tom McEwan, Patrick Welsh, Gregory Dallum 1997 Electronic Dipstick
Tom McEwan 1995 MIR Technology
Lloyd Hackel 1992 Laser Technology
Bob Goodwin 1985 NOVA Activities