Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Members of the NIF & Photon Science Directorate have been honored with a variety of prestigious awards over the years. Below is a sampling.


Year Granting Organization Name of Award and Citation
Frederico Fiuza 2013 European Physical Society Plasma Physics Ph.D. Research Award for work on his doctoral thesis, "Multi-scale PIC Simulations of High Energy Density Scenarios: from Laboratory to Astrophysics."
Frederic Perez 2012 European Physical Society Plasma Physics Ph.D. Research Award for work on his doctoral thesis, "Study of supra-thermal electron transport in solid or compressed matter for the fast-ignitor scheme."
Lynn Seppala 2012 Optical Society of America Senior Member in recognition of his contributions to optics research.
Michael Feit 2011 Optical Society of America Senior Member in recognition of his contributions to optics research.
Lynn Seppala 2011 State of South Dakota Hall of Fame Member - for contributions to the development and heritage of South Dakota
Kevin Fournier 2010 Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology (HEART) Conference Outstanding Paper Award for the paper "Multi-KeV X-Ray Environments at the National Ignition Facility for Radiation Effects Studies" written with researchers from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Gray Research, Inc., representing the Missile Defense Agency.
National Ignition Facility 2010 Project Management Institute Project of the Year Award for groundbreaking technical achievement and exemplary management.
Ed Moses 2010 Jefferson Award Public Service Foundation Jefferson Award for Education Outreach for his volunteer work in the community.
Tammy Ma 2010 University of California at San Diego Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Outstanding Graduate Student for being very productive in research related to electron transport and laser matter interactions, as evidenced through publication in reputed journals.
Gina Bonanno 2009 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame Member for her achievements in science.
Russell Wallace 2008 Acoustical Society of America Larry Foreman Award for Innovation and Excellence in Target Fabrication.
Siegfried Glenzer 2005 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award awarded to conduct research with specialists in Germany at the Universitat Rostock and at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrontron facility in Hamburg working on x-ray Compton scattering experiments, teaching plasma diagnostics to advanced students, and participating in the first short-wavelength free-electron laser experiments.
Gina Bonanno 2004 William Patterson University in New Jersey Distinguished Alumni Award
Jack Campbell 2003 American Ceramics Society George Morey Award for work and leadership in the development, characterization, and manufacturability of phosphate laser glass for high-peak-power lasers.
John Holzrichter and John Trenholme 1998 Naval Research Laboratory Honor for co-authoring one of 75 "most important papers" published since its founding.
Steve Azevedo 1998 National Academy of Engineering Prominent young engineer selected as one of 83 to take part in the "Frontiers of Engineering" symposium.
Thomas McEwan 1997 Industry Week magazine Honor- selected as one of 50 individuals whose achievements are shaping the future of US industrial culture and America's technology policy.
Bruce Shore 1997 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award selected as one of 80 US scholars to spend 10 months at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, collaborating on the behavior of atoms and molecules exposed to laser radiation.
Luis Da Silva 1996 Associated Western Universities Distinguished Lecturer for accomplishments as a distinguished laboratory scientist in inertial confinement fusion.
Claude Montcalm 1996 General Governor for the University of Quebec Academic Gold Medal for outstanding academic performance at the doctoral level.
Don Kania 1996 Industry Week magazine Honor selected for his work in the use of extreme ultraviolet light (EUVL) for manufacturing computer chips.
Mike Perry & Petawatt laser team 1996 Popular Science Magazine Award for "Best of What's New" in 1996 for one-trillionth of a second, producing 1,300 times the entire electrical generating capacity of the US, breaking the previous laser power record by more than 10 times.