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Fusion Power Associates is “a non-profit, tax-exempt research and educational foundation, providing information on the status of fusion development and other applications of plasma science and fusion research”. The Association makes awards in four categories: Distinguished Career Awards, Leadership Awards, Excellence in Fusion Engineering, and Special Awards.

Since 1987, Distinguished Career Awards have been presented “to individuals who have made distinguished, lifelong, career contributions to fusion development.” Leadership Awards have been presented since 1980 “to individuals who have shown outstanding leadership qualities in accelerating the development of fusion.” Since 1987, Excellence In Fusion Engineering awards have been made in memory of MIT Professor David J. Rose. They are presented to “individuals in the early part of their careers (maximum age 42) who have shown both technical accomplishment and potential for becoming an exceptionally influential leader in the fusion field.” Special Awards have been given periodically by Fusion Power Associates since 1980 to “individuals who have made some special contribution to the cause of fusion power development.”

Name Year Citation
Mike Dunne 2011 Excellence in Fusion Engineering - for his many technical contributions to high energy density physics and laser facility design and operations, both in the UK and in the US, and also the leadership he has been providing at LLNL.
Christopher J. Keane 2010 Special Award - in recognition of and appreciation for managerial contributions to the inertial confinement fusion technical program achievements that occurred during and beyond.
Jeff F. Latowski 2009 Excellence in Fusion Engineering - for the contributions and leadership he has provided for the LIFE project, the NIF Final Safety Analysis, and the non-laser portions of the High Average Power Laser program.
Edward I. Moses 2008 Leadership Award - for more than 20 years of leadership in the development of laser technologies at LLNL and his current leadership of the construction of the National Ignition Facility.
John H. Nuckolls 2008 Special Award - for pioneering contributions to fusion energy development.
Camille Bibeau 2004 Excellence in Fusion Engineering - in recognition of her technical contributions to the design, construction and operation of laser systems, as evidenced by her exemplary publications record and her role as Project Leader of the Mercury diode-pumped solid state laser program at LLNL.
John D. Lindl 2000 Leadership Award - for showing outstanding leadership qualities in accelerating the development of fusion.
Don Correll 2000 Special Award - for his dedication and effort to explain the fusion message to students, teachers and the general public, which has been a great service to the program and our country.
Stephen A. Payne 1998 Excellence in Fusion Engineering - for his technical accomplishments and potential to become an exceptionally influential leader in the fusion field.
John H. Nuckolls 1996 Distinguished Career Award
E. Michael Campbell 1995 Leadership Award
Erik Storm 1991 Leadership Award
John L. Emmett 1983 Leadership Award
John H. Nuckolls 1982 Leadership Award