Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

R&D 100 Awards

R&D Magazine sponsors the R&D 100 Award, considered one of the highest honors that can be given to inventors. Each year, the magazine selects the 100 most technologically significant products and processes that promise to change people's lives, such as by significantly improving the environment, health care, or security.

American Physical Society

  • Maxwell Prize

    James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics, awarded by the American Physical Society (APS), is given for outstanding contributions to the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of properties of highly ionized gases of natural or laboratory origin.

  • Other Prizes

    American Physical Society (APS) is one of the most important professional societies for gauging the quality of R&D done at the Laboratory. The APS sponsors a number of awards, including the John Dawson Award of Excellence in Plasma Physics, James Clerk Maxwell Prize for Plasma Physics, and Distinguished Lecturer and Doctoral Dissertation prizes.

American Nuclear Society

  • Edward Teller Medals

    Established in 1999 by the Fusion Energy Division of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and named after LLNL's co-founder, the Edward Teller Medal recognizes pioneering research and leadership in the use of laser and ion-particle beams to produce unique high-temperature and high-density matter for scientific research and for controlled thermonuclear fusion.

  • Other Awards

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer

Since 1974, the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer has recognized scientists and engineers at federal government and research centers for their "uncommon creativity and initiative in conveying innovations from their facilities to industry and local government." Scientists and engineers from more than 650 federal government laboratories and research centers compete for the 30 awards presented each year.

Fusion Power Associates

Fusion Power Associates is "a non-profit, tax-exempt research and educational foundation, providing information on the status of fusion development and other applications of plasma science and fusion research." The Association makes awards in four categories. Distinguished Career Awards have been presented "to individuals who have made distinguished, lifelong, career contributions to fusion development." Leadership Awards are awarded "to individuals who have shown outstanding leadership qualities in accelerating the development of fusion." Excellence in Fusion Engineering awards are presented to "individuals in the early part of their careers (maximum age 42) who have shown both technical accomplishment and potential for becoming an exceptionally influential leader in the fusion field." Special Awards have been given periodically by Fusion Power Associates since 1980 to "individuals who have made some special contribution to the cause of fusion power development."

E. O. Lawrence Awards

The Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award was established in 1959 to honor a scientist who helped elevate American physics to world leadership. E. O. Lawrence was the inventor of the cyclotron, an accelerator of subatomic particles, and a 1939 Nobel Laureate in physics for that achievement.

President's Early Career Award for Science and Technology

The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) was commissioned in 1996 to create an award program to honor and support the extraordinary achievements of the finest scientists and engineers who, while early in their research careers, show exceptional potential for leadership at the frontiers of scientific knowledge during the twenty-first century. The Presidential Award is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on outstanding scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers. The White House, following recommendations from participating agencies, confers the awards annually.

Other US Government Awards

As a Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory, LLNL tracks achievements recognized by awards from the DOE. These awards span a wide range of accomplishments and include recognition of exemplary programmatic achievements.

Other Organizations

Members of the NIF & Photon Science Directorate have been honored with a variety of prestigious awards over the years.

LLNL Director's Office Awards

The Laboratory bestows awards to outstanding scientists and engineers from among its workforce and for exceptionally qualified incoming postdoctoral fellows. These include the Edward Teller Fellow; the LLNL S&T Awards; the Science, Technology, Engineering and Operations Awards; and the Lawrence Fellowship Awards.