Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ignition target inserter cryostat.

The cryogenic target positioning system (CTS) consists of three main parts. The target positioning boom is based on the existing target positioner on NIF (see Target Chamber). The ignition target inserter cryostat (I-TIC) is attached to the end of the target positioner and cools the target and D-T fuel mixture to meet temperature and uniformity requirements. This system has the cooling capacity necessary to maintain the assembly at 18 kelvins (-427 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as the mechanical stability to accurately position the hohlraum to within ten microns of the center of the NIF target chamber at shot time. The third capability is a layering and characterization station where the D-T fuel layer smoothness is assessed and characterized along three axes.

More Information

"Targeting Ignition," Science & Technology Review, June 2012