Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NIF Sustainment: Ensuring the Next 20 Years of Progress

Part 9: Having blazed the path to fusion ignition at NIF, LLNL researchers are making plans for sustained, and even higher, nuclear yields to enable and expand applications for stockpile stewardship and basic science research (For previous stories, see The Age of Ignition: Inside NIF’s Fusion Breakthrough).

Pressure-Driven Ionization in Giant Planets

Just published in Nature: An international research team conducted experiments at NIF that offer important implications for astrophysics and nuclear fusion research.

Krell Institute Honors LLNL Physicist

The Krell Institute has awarded LLNL physicist Tammy Ma with its 2023 James Corones Award in Leadership, Community Building, and Communication.

NIF-JLF User Groups Look Beyond Ignition

Attendees at this year’s NIF and JLF User Groups Meeting celebrated LLNL’s fusion ignition breakthrough, but also kept their focus on the bright future of HED science research.

Target Evolution Key to Continued Success

Part 8: The targets used in NIF experiments are marvels of engineering, but to exceed LLNL’s milestone ignition shot, an even higher level of perfection may be needed.

Physicists Unravel Warm Dense Matter

Two LLNL physicists joined colleagues from Germany, Sweden, and the UK as co-authors of a Physics of Plasmas paper summarizing current research on warm dense matter.

Researchers Seek Elusive Phase of Carbon

Researchers are using NIF’s unique capabilities in a renewed experimental campaign to confirm elusive post-diamond phases of carbon.

Physicist Named to 100 Most Influential List

Time named physicist Annie Kritcher one of the world’s 100 most influential people for her role as principal designer of the historic fusion ignition shot at NIF.

Ignition Team Receives Innovation Award

Tri-Valley business and civic leaders honored LLNL’s fusion ignition team for its “game-changing” breakthrough.